Saturday 25th October 2014
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Making Fitness a Family Affair

Pleasing everyone in the family can be a challenge. Mom enjoys cycling, but dad plays basketball. One child likes swimming, while the other prefers lacrosse. As a result, trying to please everyone can be impossible. [...]

Family Fosters Positive Reputation in Virginia Beach

What does four generations of hard work get you? How about a reputation for being the best gym in your city, where everybody from the mayor to construction workers go. To top it off, throw [...]

Supplier News

InTouch Follow-Up Integrates with Motionsoft

InTouch Technology, provider of health club sales and retention software, today announced that InTouch Follow-Up is now integrated with Motionsoft’s fitness club membership software. The new integration allows health clubs to choose separate best-of-breed software [...]

Supplier Voice

Break Through the Advertising Noise

Look around. We live in a society inundated with promotions and advertising. With every flicker of the eye, a 30-second commercial, movie trailer, web banner, deal of the day or “once in a life time” [...]