Hydra-Gym Athletics Unveils the Future of Fitness Equipment

The PowerMax 360 is the most revolutionary piece of strength and conditioning equipment that is functional and safe for everyone from 8 to 88 years old. The 360 brings a completely new meaning to functionality, specificity and safety in exercise, as well as the most comprehensive strength and cardio conditioning workout one could possibly perform and imagine for such a simple idea. The PowerMax 360 allows the user to dictate the specific muscle group they are going to exercise and at what velocity.

The MAJOR ADVANTAGE of the PowerMax 360 is that the machine simultaneously improves aerobic function and functional strength — cutting your workout time in half. Hydra-Gym claims to have the highest caloric burn per minute of any equipment on the market. As you train on the PowerMax 360, calories are being burned at a rate of eight to 12 per minute, utilizing their Omnikinetic Resistance (Dual Positive – No Negative Resistance). The PowerMax 360 will exercise all the major muscles of the body and is adaptable for every level of fitness. With the PowerMax 360, every stroke engages the core and works both the flexors and extensor muscles at the same time. This creates muscular balance, flexibility and the ability to exercise with functional movements that have the same biomechanical and motor characteristics utilized in the sport or activity the user is training for. The PowerMax 360 will develop a level of functional strength, power and endurance that, until today, has been unattainable.

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