How Much is Enough?

Customer service, retention and reputation all go hand in hand. At every conference you attend, in every article you read, there is some kind of message that you need to do more or you can always do better — but sometimes you have to be satisfied with the level of service you provide. Often, maintaining a standard is more effective than trying to make constant improvements.

Recently, a client asked me about their level of service and what else they could do to make their club better. After chatting about it for a while and going over all the services and amenities they are providing to their membership base I was stumped — they really were providing a level of service that exceeded the value of their membership — these guys really have their stuff together.

Granted this particular client has an exceptional facility with an exceptional staff, but the fact of the matter is, they are providing exactly what they should be in their member experience. If your business regularly maintains a similar standard, then fight to maintain it, not to improve it.

Chris Batchelor
Health Club Marketing Contributor

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