New Evolution Ventures Partners With Onelife Fitness

New Evolution Ventures, LLC and Kirk and John Galiani recently partnered to develop and operate health clubs in the Mid-Atlantic region. The partnership brought together the Galiani’s Onelife Fitness clubs, Crunch Fitness clubs in Washington D.C. and other facilities in development throughout the region.

Kirk Galiani, the US Fitness Co-CEO, said of the partnership, “We weren’t looking for a partner, but after spending time with Mark Mastrov, Jim Rowley, Brent Leffel and the NeV team, as well as getting to know Vision Capital, we felt it was the right match for us and our team.”

Vision Capital is an international private equity investor that was also included in the new partnership. “We believe the partnership with NeV gives us greater access to a diverse group of brands so we can strategically choose the right brand for each new location,” said John Galiani, the Co-CEO. “Thanks to Vision Capital we have greater access to capital to accelerate the growth of our Onelife Fitness clubs as well as the NeV family of brands throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.” Vision Capital has made significant investments in NeV in June 2011, as well as backing US Fitness.

“I’ve always admired Kirk and John Galiani for being two of the top operators in the industry,” said Mark Mastrov, the chairman of NeV. “The Mid-Atlantic region has strong growth potential for our brands and I’m excited to rapidly grow our footprint.”

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