Delta Life Fitness Keeps Clients Accountable with Nudge Coach

Delta Life Fitness uses Nudge Coach

Have you ever wanted to keep your clients engaged in-between sessions to prevent churn? Nudge Coach gives you better reasons to touch base, so no client ever slips through the cracks.

At least that’s what Josh Cherry, the founder/CEO of Delta Life Fitness, experienced with the app. Here, he shares why he partnered with Nudge Coach to offer more accountability to clients.

CS: How were you introduced to Nudge Coach, and why did you decide to use their service?

JC: Sean Greeley, the CEO of NPE, first introduced me to Nudge Coach. From the first time he explained to me the kind of around-the-clock accountability it could provide to our ladies at our gym, I was hooked. I first downloaded the Nudge app on my phone and used it for about a month or so. I loved the way it gathered data and helped me make better choices. I knew this would set us apart from every other gym.

CS: What benefits has Nudge Coach brought to your business?

JC: Hand-down the number one thing that it brings is the accountability. We see how our ladies do when they are in the gym, but what is going on the other 23 hours of the day? Nudge gives my trainers the ability to be with our clients 24/7.

CS: What benefits has Nudge Coach brought to your clients?

JC: As you can imagine, with client efforts being closely monitored, the clients get way better results. Fitness is no mystery: Eat less, move more. It is simple, not easy, but simple. However, impossible if we can’t track it. Impossible if we have no way of telling how active our clients are. Nudge is the little tattle tale that lets us know every step the client makes — literally (see what I did there, because it tracks your steps!)

CS: What are your favorite features of Nudge Coach?

JC: When our clients set goals, for example, say they want to take 10,000 steps a day. I love that by using the Nudge coaching portal I can easily track several ladies all trying to hit that goal. I can also send messages through the app to every lady that does not hit those goals. That’s such a great feature. And the amount of data, reports and lists that you can build to save time and better serve your clients is simply a game-changer that separates us from every other gym.

CS: What else can you tell club owners about the benefits of working with Nudge Coach?

JC: Hey, if you are like me (and every other club owner), and you want to provide more in-depth accountability to your clients without being consumed by payroll, let this magical little tool become a force multiplier in your program. It is well worth it.


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