Merritt Athletic Clubs Rebrands to ‘Merritt Clubs’

Merritt Clubs

Merritt Athletic Clubs has kicked off the New Year with a name change and new mantra. The company has re-branded to Merritt Clubs with the accompanying mantra “Fitness That Matters.”

merritt_logo_clubs_horizontal_4cp_gradient-02_111016“We’re simplifying [the name]​ to make it easier for people to understand our uniqueness — that this is a place where you don’t have to be a pro athlete with six-pack abs to feel like you belong,” said Donyel Cerceo, the director of marketing for Merritt Clubs. “We have  plenty of classes, ​programs and top-notch ​amenities, but Merritt Clubs is more than that. We are a caring ​community that ​wants the best for​ each and every one of our members.”

merritt_logo_companies_horizontal_1c-pms_110816The name change was also completed in an effort to better align Merritt Clubs with Merritt Properties and Merritt Construction, all of which fall under the ownership company Merritt Companies. “We are now marketing the three entities under this umbrella,” explained Cerceo. “Merritt Properties is celebrating their 50 anniversary this year and Merritt Clubs is celebrating 40 years. Many people did not even know the companies were affiliated, so we really wanted to create this new brand so the public can better connect the three companies.”

With the name change, Cereco explained they feel as if new and existing Merritt Clubs customers will be better able to connect with the brand. “We really felt like the ‘athletic’ in our name was not a true representation of our club,” she said.

The company’s logo and name change is currently reflected on social media and its website. The rebranding of the physical clubs began in late 2016.

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