A Fifth-Generation Company, Euro-Locks Evolves with the Times


Founded in 1889, Euro-Locks has evolved from primitive key locks to more sophisticated electronic locks. Euro-Locks’ family of digital combination locks are great for lockers of any application.

Here, Aaron Maatman, the sales manager of Euro-Locks, shares what makes the company stand out from others in the industry.

CS: How did you get involved in the health club industry?

AM: I got involved with the health club industry years ago when my company first developed electronic locks for lockers.

CS: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome and how did you overcome it?

AM: Euro-Locks is somewhat new to the U.S. market, so keeping up with our biggest competitors is always a challenge, but with quality and innovative products and a strong team we continue to grow.

CS: What are the keys to your company’s success?

AM: Our success has come from listening to the needs of the market and working direct with our customers on custom solutions.

CS: How does your company differentiate from competitors in the industry?

AM: We are a fifth generation, family-owned company started in 1889 and we have evolved from the primitive key locks to more sophisticated electronic locks of today, while taking a lot of pride in our heritage.

CS: What is your vision for your company’s future?

AM: My vision for Euro-Locks’ future is broad with the constant need for security and evolving technology. Also as part of the Lowe & Fletcher Group, we have diversified into safety and security.


For more information on Euro-Locks, email sales@euro-locks.us, visit www.euro-locks.us or call 616-994-0490.

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