Fitness & Lifestyle Group Launches U.S. Growth with HYPOXI


Fitness & Lifestyle Group, Australia’s largest fitness organization, continues its global growth with HYPOXI USA, an all-natural weight loss and training program now franchising in the U.S. Fitness & Lifestyle Group is proud to have the backing of Australia-based Quadrant Private Equity Group to bring this concept to the U.S.

In addition to HYPOXI USA, Fitness & Lifestyle Group owns and operates GoodLife Health Clubs, Jetts 24-Hour Fitness, Fitness First Australia and HYPOXI Australia. “These brands represent impressive and successful health club facilities around the globe. With HYPOXI having a 20-year proven record of international success plus the backing of Quadrant, it was time to bring the concept to the U.S,” said Jeff Stokes, vice president of HYPOXI USA.

In the past year, Stokes opened two flagship studios in Arizona and the success has been undeniable. “We look forward to a strong and aggressive national expansion, and we are excited to bring our unique fitness and weight loss model to new clients and owners across the country.”

In addition to a traditional standalone studio, HYPOXI offers health club owners an in-club studio option that is modeled after the successful, 75 plus studio network of Australian franchises and corporate stores. After testing and fine-tuning HYPOXI in-club studios within Goodlife Health Clubs, this unique fitness concept is now available in the U.S. “This is not common in the fitness industry and we are extremely confident in offering both of these models as successful business opportunities,” said Jeff.

HYPOXI was founded on science and is a proven training method. It is a simple, yet highly profitable, business model that combines low-impact exercise, patented technology and nutrition coaching to burn stubborn fat and reduce cellulite in targeted areas. A globally recognized brand, HYPOXI studios operate on a per-treatment basis with low operational costs and strong revenue opportunities.

“Launching franchise opportunities in the U.S. is an exciting point in time for our company,” said Greg Oliver, Group Chief Executive, Fitness & Lifestyle Group. “The development plan of HYPOXI is testament to the strength of the business model and the brand, which gives us great confidence in a successful U.S. rollout.”

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