Increase Membership By Signing Up Prospects Anywhere, Anytime

Can you imagine a time when you kept track of gym members with pen and paper? How about when you upgraded to an Excel spreadsheet or Word document? If you wanted to make an update, you were chained to a notebook or a computer. Hopefully, your gym still isn’t living in the Stone Age. In today’s world, clubs can enroll members anytime and anywhere. With the right software in place it’s easier and more efficient, no matter where you’re signing up new members.

Gyms are a dime a dozen nowadays. You’re competing with every major brand and franchise, not to mention “mom and pop” gyms in your town. It’s essential to find ways in reaching out into your community to capture the attention of potential members and enroll them at a moment’s notice.

Mobile Technology is the Game Changer

Whether it’s your mobile phone or tablet, being able to enroll prospects at anytime, or anywhere is essential to capturing new members before your competition does. As you think about how you’ll reach out to your community, give some thought to how easy it would be to sign up members from a mobile device. Whether you’re planning to participate with a booth at a health fair; are holding a boot camp in a local park; or offering classes away from the gym; be prepared and have the mindset of converting prospects to members. Once you capture a potential member’s attention at an event, you can simply pull out a device, fill-out your club’s contract, have them sign it and instantly have them enrolled.

You don’t have to worry about them showing up at your gym to sign up; something many prospects won’t do anyway. Also, your staff doesn’t need to follow up with prospects once they’ve enrolled outside the club. Finally, you don’t have to worry about what comes next; they’ve already signed up and you can move on to the next prospect.

Real-time Convenience

Being able to sign up members on the spot rather than asking them to come to the gym to enroll is a real convenience for any club. Incidentally, you’ve got the option of a club sign up as well if need be. Keep in mind that not everyone is going to suddenly sign a club contract without a good sales presentation. However, taking advantage of these opportunities allows you to convert prospects that just won’t follow through and get started at your gym.


Having enrollment software on a mobile device creates a powerful sales advantage, and you’ll be able to sign up members no matter where you are outside the club. Imagine how easy it will be to get someone excited to join your gym, sign them up on the spot, and show them everything your gym offers before they even step through the door.


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