MYE AppAudio Club TV Audio on Smartphones System

MYE Fitness Entertainment, the industry’s leading provider of wireless TV audio products, launched the next generation application in 2014 with the MYE AppAudio Club TV Audio on Smartphones System. A simple and free AppAudio download from the iTunes or Google Play store enables club members to hear TV audio on their Apple or Android devices from television monitors anywhere in the facility.

Today, the popular MYE AppAudio smartphone system allows exercisers to enjoy club TV audio throughout their warm up, cardio workout and strength training sessions. Featured in leading fitness mobile apps including Netpulse, Virtuagym, Gold’s Gym MyPath and MobleFiT, the MYE AppAudio system is also easily custom branded for club operators.

The free MYE AppAudio Mobile Marketing Service empowers club operators to engage membership and boost sales with easy online uploads of targeted promotional banners, special offers and class schedules on the AppAudio smartphone app. Seamless AppAudio integration syncs with existing wireless transmitter systems including MYE, Cardio Theater and others

“MYE AppAudio is a perfect extension of the traditional wireless cardio entertainment systems offered in fitness clubs worldwide,” stated Tony Garcia, MYE Fitness Entertainment founder and president. “Now members have the option of listening to their favorite TV programs on cardio machines or on their Apple or Android smartphone anywhere in the building.”

MYE develops and markets innovative advanced entertainment and service technology products including Cardio Machine TVs, CardioCare, AppAudio, Smart Digital Signage, Cardio Theater style receivers and transmitters, built-in Cardio Machine TV audio receivers, LED TVs and mobile applications for leading commercial fitness brands.

To learn more, visit, call 800-779-6759 or 661-964-0217. 

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