Mio Global Displays Groundbreaking PAI Metric Now Available on SLICE

MIO Global

Pioneer in heart rate technology also previews LINK 2, a versatile modular heart rate monitor for group exercise.

Mio Global, a health technology company, showcased Mio SLICE, the first heart rate activity tracker to feature PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence), at IHRSA 2017. Instead of counting steps, PAI is a revolutionary new metric that translates heart rate data into a simple, meaningful score that tells users how much activity they need to do to live a longer, healthier life.* Mio also previewed LINK 2, the company’s first optical heart rate monitoring module designed for group fitness solutions that can be worn on various contact points on the body for added versatility and comfort.

PAI: The First Prescription for Exercise

PAI translates heart rate and personal data into one easy-to-understand number (PAI score) that gives users a personalized prescription for exercise through one universal goal: keep your weekly PAI score at or above 100. Users can earn PAI points by doing any activity that gets their heart rate up, but they’ll earn points faster with higher intensity activities. PAI’s scoring algorithm has not only been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of premature cardiovascular disease and death, but also proves that keeping your PAI score at 100 or above is more effective than following today’s exercise guidelines, as published here in The American Journal of Medicine.

SLICE Displays PAI to Provide Meaningful All-Day Activity Tracking

In addition to tracking all-day heart rate and total and daily PAI scores, SLICE delivers smartphone notifications and tracks sleep, calories burned, distance and more with a simple one-button operation. SLICE also syncs with the Mio PAI app so users can review further details on their heart rate, PAI scores and other activity metrics. For more information about SLICE, visit www.mioglobal.com/slice and download the free PAI app on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

LINK 2 Brings Flexibility to Heart Rate Monitoring for Group Exercise

LINK 2 is an optical heart rate monitoring module that can be placed on various contact points on your body such as the wrist, forearm, or upper arm. In addition to continuous heart rate monitoring for 20 hours, LINK 2 stores up to 30 hours of workout data, uses open BLE and ANT+ HR transmission up to 100 feet, and syncs with the PAI app to transform heart rate data into PAI points. The LINK 2 module will offer an open device SDK that allows health and fitness applications to integrate heart rate data into their group fitness solutions.

*To learn more about the Science Behind PAI, visit: mioglobal.com/PAIscience.

About Mio Global:

Mio Global is an industry-leader in heart rate technology with distribution around the world. Mio has developed a line of award-winning wearables including the new Mio SLICE™ activity tracker, as well as advanced technologies like Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI™). PAI is a scientifically-validated heart rate-based activity metric that empowers people to manage their own health by giving them one simple, personal score for staying healthy. In addition to developing its own devices, Mio is also licensing its technology to other industry-leading brands. For more information about Mio, visit www.PAIForLife.com

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