3 Reasons Member Portals Will Help Your Gym Succeed

member portals

Health clubs are a competitive business. Gym owners and managers are always looking for ways to make their gym a cut above the competition, but any good club owner and staff knows a successful gym starts with taking care of its members. There are so many ways to engage members with promotions, new classes, new equipment and so on. However, you can instill some user-friendly changes that make the entire gym experience better for your members.

This is the case when member portals are used as part of a gym management system. Member portals are vital to a gym’s success, but many club owners are unaware of the value they bring to the club. In considering a member portal, let’s look at three unique ways in which portals can be a benefit your members and your gym.

More member freedom while increasing club revenue.

Give your members the freedom to choose what they want to do with your gym. Let them take control of their account and navigate through the online options that have been set-up. Member portals are convenient for viewing and scheduling online classes or training, that consequently creates more club revenue. A gym member who likes the freedom and convenience of your gym’s online portal access is likely to visit often and be more engaged.

Reducing administrative tasks.

Administrative tasks can be boring and tedious, but they’re necessary to make sure your club is running correctly. You can free up your time to focus on member enrollment by having a gym management software company handle administrative tasks with member portal products. These gym portals allow members to view their attendance, payment history and POS purchases. They can also update their credit card information, but most importantly, it allows members to make secure and timely payments anytime and anywhere.

Member security.

How do we measure online security when it comes to your members? These days all consumers want “peace of mind” when it comes to having their data protected, and gym members are no different. Offering them a protected environment by a professional company, while at the same time having easy access through mobile devices, creates a big sales and marketing benefit for your gym. 


Many successful gyms are at their full potential when taking advantage of member portal information. You can create more club revenue by giving your members more freedom and convenience; save time by reducing administrative tasks; and offer your members accurate, “real time” data through their online portal. Talk to a gym software company to learn more about member portals.


Stephen Wilson is the Marketing Manager of ASF Payment Solutions. He can be contacted at 800-527-6898, or by email at steve.wilson@asfpaymentsolutions.com.

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