Bottle Filling Stations — The New Must-Have?

bottle filling stations

During and after a long, arduous workout, there’s nothing more important to your members’ health than being hydrated. But, if your gym isn’t equipped with enough or appropriate water fountains, quenching their thirst can lead to a frustrating experience.

When considering what brand or type of drinking fountain to equip your club with, keep in mind more than just the model — as there are other things that are important such as location, cleanliness and of course, price.

Nick Nanos, the director of product management for Elkay, stated that while market prices for drinking fountains and bottle filling stations fluctuate depending on the wholesaler, online outlet or product style selected, he finds that investing in an energy-efficient fountain with a bottle filler could help cut the total costs of your club’s bills in the long-run. This is because energy-efficient fountains boast features that allow you to program when the fountain shuts down, and allow the refrigeration component to be powered off when not in use.

Right now, bottle filling stations are trending throughout many industries — and may just be the right choice for your club. Nanos highlighted Elkay’s EZH2O model. “These EZH2O bottle filling stations are a perfect solution for health clubs,” he said. “The hands-free units provide a rapid fill and minimize the spread of bacteria.”

The EZH2O model is also GreenSpec certified, boasting an energy compressor and insulation that reduces energy consumption. It also has a graphic display — the “Green Ticker” — that indicates how many 20-ounce plastic bottles are saved from the environment.

Nanos added that as far as placement goes, bottle filling stations and water fountains are typically placed in the middle of workout areas, next to bathrooms, near elevators, or near fitness/studio areas where high-intensity training is performed.

Lana Beachum with Most Dependable Fountains, Inc. stated that an ADA compliant drinking fountain or bottle filler combination unit is best suited for a health club, and said that it’s important to consider wheelchair accessibility when choosing a location for your fountain.

As a final tip, Nanos advised housekeeping staff pay attention to the following areas to ensure cleanliness: the basin, bubbler, push buttons, outer cabinet/housing and alcoves. For bottle filling stations, he advised using standard cleaners.

Although it may seem like a small feature, boating water fountains or bottle fillers that are efficient and effective can have an impact on your club’s member experience. Help your members stay hydrated with amenities that are efficient, clean and easy-to-use.

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