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Club Solutions Testimonials

“In an industry that is constantly moving it is nice to rely on Club Solutions for real time updates.  Whether I am reading their premium magazine, surfing their social media platform, or simply clicking my Iphone to check out the latest tips for industry experts, Club Solutions has great content for today’s fitness entrepreneur.”  – Adam Sedlack, SVP of UFC Gym


“Club Solutions provides a well-rounded and informative perspective on the business.  Whether you are single club or multi-unit operator, each issue contains practical information that can help make your business better.  In addition, the week in review emails provide some quick insight into what other operators are doing to be successful. ”  – Keith Worts, President of Crunch Fitness


“Improvement comes from learning and Club Solutions offers insight into some of the best practices our industry offers.”  Chuck Runyon, Co-Founder and CEO of Anytime Fitness


“As a club operator, I have been very impressed with the progress of Club Solutions.  They have done a very good job of soliciting information, feedback, and guidance from key operators throughout all parts of the industry.  Their survey questions are very insightful allowing them to print articles that provide valuable information for all levels of operators.” – Matthew Stevens, President and CEO of Western Athletic Clubs


“I receive a number of fitness publications and Club Solutions is one that has done a great job of providing me and our staff valuable insight into our industry.  It is always a pleasure to read the publication and I appreciate Club Solution’s dedication to providing a high quality magazine.  Keep up the great job Club Solutions!“ Jeff Skeen, President/CEO, Titan Fitness


“I am honored to serve as a member of the  Club Solutions Advisory Board. It is critical for us to join together to help grow our industry by uncovering future markets, developing innovative ways to fulfill the needs of potential  and existing members and strengthening our reputation as a leading provider of health and wellness solutions.” – Mark Fisher, President and CEO of Sport & Health


“I’ve always been very motivated to support the growth of the health club industry as a whole, and look at Club Solutions as a publication dedicated to that very same goal. I’m excited to bring my 25-plus years of fitness industry
experience to the Club Solutions Advisory Board, and look forward to helping the organization continue to build on its history of success moving forward.” –
Peter Taunton, Founder and CEO of Snap Fitness


ClubSolutions is the most innovative and interesting trade magazine in the health club industry.  They focus on the things I want to know in a concise and readable format.”  Ralph Rajs, Vice President of Leisure Sports Inc.


“I enjoy reading the magazine monthly on-line. What a great format.”Joe Cirulli, Founder and CEO, Gainesville Health and Fitness


Club Solutions magazine is a magazine that focuses on helping our industry understand all components in running a successful business. I am honored to have the opportunity to be a member of their board as their mission and vision are aligned with mine. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to this fabulous publication.” Lori Lowell, Owner and President of Group Fitness Solutions, LLC and Gold’s Gym Franchisee.


“In today’s challenging economy keeping your eye on the competition is every club operators responsibility, but a stronger position is to make the competition irrelevant. The how to strategy can only be developed by knowledge, research and innovation. The advantage can be found by reading Club Solution. The solution however is what you do with it.” Ed Trainor, Vice President of Fitness Services & Product Development, Town Sports International


“A great resource for the fitness industry.  NO”BS” info! ” Eric Casaburi, CEO of Retrofitness, Inc.


“I am honored to be a part of the Club Solutions Advisory Board where I will represent New Evolution Ventures and our various brands. I look forward to working with the Club Solutions Magazine team as they continue to be an invaluable resource for the health club industry,”  – Brent Leffel, President of New Evolution Ventures, LLC.


“I enjoy reading the in depth articles presented by Club Solutions Magazine. Each article is quite different and provides fascinating opportunities to learn from the success of other great leaders in our industry.” Geoffrey Dyer, Founder of Lifestyle Family Fitness and Aussie Fit


“Club Solutions Magazine does an admirable job getting information to help me stay on the cutting edge of new equipment, classes, health and nutrition, industry news and all the things my customers want and need.  Shawn, keep doing a great job.”Royce Pulliam, Former CEO of Global Fitness Holdings/Urban Active


 “Congratulations Shawn and team.  Through a consistent combination of fresh and relevant topics, an impressive list of qualified contributors and sincere investigative reporting, Club Solutions magazine has managed to become the most informative periodical in the fitness industry.” – Doug Werner, VP of Lean Management, Healthtrax


“Club Solutions is a valuable resource for Club owners, not only for best practices but also for cutting edge new technologies and ways of doing business.” – Nanette Pattee Francini, Founder, The Sports Club Company


“24 Hour Fitness is committed to being a thought leader in the fitness industry. We continue to focus on delivering a great experience for our club and team members, while effectively executing the basics. Club Solutions shares our goal of improving the customer experience throughout the industry and consistently features helpful insights to make our business better.” – Carl Liebert, Former CEO, 24 Hour Fitness


“Bally Total Fitness is committed to helping our members achieve their fitness goals by providing the highest quality service, facilities and products in a fun, friendly, safe and welcoming environment.  Club Solutions Magazine is a great vehicle for our industry to share best practices and learn from each other.  Together, we can help shape the future of our industry.” – Mike Sheehan, Former CEO, Bally Total Fitness


“In this ever-changing industry, Club Solutions Magazine provides business strategies and solutions that can positively impact your business. I appreciate the valuable insight and information that they present on a regular basis for me and my staff.” – Mitch Wald, COO, Maryland Athletic Club


“Club Solutions Magazine provides great insight into some of the best business practices within our industry. It is a valuable industry resource for our team and I appreciate their commitment and dedication to helping health club owners and operators become more successful.”Bill McBride, Former President and COO of Club One


“Club Solutions Magazine is an impressive producer of fitness industry content providing both a macro and micro level perspective. Its content serves as a resource for those on all levels of the club as well as the manufacturing side of the business. Club Solutions is also a hub for fitness industry news, announcements and trends. Equally impressive as their news and content is their delivery system. Being able to deliver content in a  print, online and (most impressively) digital format ensures generational variety in readership.” – Billy Malkovich, CEO of Mountainside Fitness


“Club Solutions magazine provides new perspective on a variety of topics relevant to the fitness industry.  The quality of the publication is very good and the articles are of great value.”  – Joel Tallman, Former Sr. Vice President of Franchising & Global Operations, Gold’s Gym International


“Club Solutions is a great way to find industry news and updates using simple and easy-to-read methods. I find the information valuable and useful in making Greenwood a better organization.” – Paula Neubert, President/General Manager of Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club


                            Mark Fisher, the President & CEO of Sport&Health

                             Jeff Skeen, the President & CEO of Titan Fitness

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