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  • The Atlantic Club

    Patricia Laus discusses The Atlantic Club's decision to pursue becoming the largest medical facility in the world...(click above to view article)

  • Newtown Athletic Club

    Jim Worthington believes that Newtown Athletic Club’s (NAC) “Big Build” could almost double the club’s gross revenue by 2014... (click above to view article)

  • Anytime Fitness

    John Kersh, the VP of international development for Anytime Fitness, shares over 20 years of industry knowledge...(click above to view article)

  • UFC Gym

    Adam Sedlack, the SVP of UFC Gym, explains why his clubs will be the next dominant brand in the fitness industry...(click above to view article)

  • Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club

    Paula Neubert, the president of Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club, shares secrets to building revenue...(click above to view article)

  • Chase Field

    Billy Malkovich shares how Mountainside Fitness built the first ever club inside the Arizona Diamondbacks’ stadium...(click above to view article)

  • Brick Bodies

    Lynne Brick, the co-founder of Brick Bodies in Baltimore, Md., shared her story of success and diversifying a portfolio...(click above to view article)

  • David Giampaolo

    Not all of the most influential people in the fitness industry currently own fitness clubs. David Giampaolo, is one of those people. Born in 1958,...

  • Irina Razumova

    Regardless of where you live in the world, everyone comes across fitness in the same way — as a client. No one, who has never...

  • The MAC

    Sabarras George told a story about riding on the track and field team’s bus at his alma mater, Western Michigan University, during his senior year....