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Sales and Staying Focused


Sales people are known to sometimes lose focus. I know I’m a little flighty at times. Here are couple tips to help you stay on track. First thing you need to do is have a game plan. Talk to your sales manager and define daily, weekly and monthly goals. These goals don’t have to be sales quotas or monetary goals. They can just be behaviors like number of dials, flier distribution volume, or presentations per day. Once you have your daily plan you’ll need to break it down even further. Set up specific boundaries; take a five-minute break after every 20 calls. Grab a cup of coffee if you hand out 10 guest passes. This way you have something to look forward to and won’t be burned out.

Second thing you’ll need to do in this sales strategy is eliminate all your distractions. Possible ideas range from turning off your cell to shutting down your e-mail while calls are being made. The Internet has been a terrible thing for employees. It opens up so many distractions from things like blogs, social networks, instant messenger, and shopping. You need to close yourself off from the club and just focus on the subject at hand. Set aside time for marketing, sales, paperwork, and service calls. Then if you must look for that used shirt on eBay, you can spend your five-minute break doing these activities so you can put them off until then. By organizing and approaching the day with a plan, a focus and a purpose you’ll not only be working smarter, but the process will allow you to free up more time for the activities that get you the most memberships.

Frank Emanuel
Health Club Marketing Contributor

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