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Do You Have the Right Personal Trainers at Your Facility?


Most health clubs have personal trainers — and they serve their purpose. They train clients, make some money; make you some money … blah, blah, blah.

Well, in this day and age, blah, blah, blah doesn’t cut it. You don’t need clipboard cowboys or cookie cutter trainers. You need personality. You need people who love what they do, love where they work and want to tell the world.

Personal training isn’t a job — it’s a lifestyle. Or at least it should be. A paycheck is fun, but it’s even more fun to be known as the go-to fitness guy or gal in your community. When you have a trainer who embraces this, you’ll have a much better training department.

Here are some qualities of that superstar trainer who will make marketing your personal training services much easier and will improve your entire club’s image:

  • They are always early and never mind spending a little extra time at the gym (not arriving 2 minutes before their workout and leaving 2 minutes after).
  • They never speak poorly of you or your club (It is amazing how quickly your reputation can be destroyed, or enhanced by your PT’s).
  • They understand the mission of your club and what it takes to be successful.
  • They are willing to take two steps back in order to take three steps forward (They will put in floor time with your members, knowing that this will eventually pay off by way of a new client).
  • They get involved in your community outreach efforts (Your personal trainers are a great “Face” of your gym and are perfect for giving seminars and presentations to groups in your community).

Imagine how much fun it would be to have a prospect walk in the door and say, “I saw Joe Trainer on TV; in the newspaper; in a magazine; and I want to work with Joe Trainer. How can I do that?”

You’ll be falling over yourself in excitement to sign them up!

As an example, one of our club clients has a personal trainer named Jill who runs in, and often wins, the 5k and 10k races in a mid-sized town in New Jersey. Nearly all of the people she mingles with at the races are either members of the club or are personal training clients of hers, thanks to her being such a well-known runner in the area.

Another club client has a personal trainer who gives at least one seminar presentation a week. He will go onsite to all of the local businesses and provide a “lunch and learn” seminar for employees. He distributes his business card, which has his picture on it and his club’s information. How’s that for helping people remember you?

Another club client has a personal trainer who was recognized as one of the top 50 best personal trainers in the state. This was three years ago, and would you believe there are still people coming in to ask for that particular trainer because they remember the article?

So what are your personal trainers doing to put their name, and your name, out in the community? Are they participating in “trainer of the year” awards? Are they a major volunteer to a local charity effort? Are they finding a way to become a “celebrity,” allowing you an easy marketing tool?

Maybe it’s time to have a little talk with your personal trainers to explain just how important their role is and to help guide them to get more involved in efforts outside of the club. It will have a huge effect on your PT revenues and help establish your club as the place to be.

Curtis Mock is the host of www.FitnessBusinessTelevision.com the TV show for fitness entrepreneurs. He is also the executive director of gymsuccess.com. Curtis can be reached at curtis@clubsolutionsmagazine.com.


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  1. Tim March 3, 2011

    Curtis- loved the article. You are spot on with all of these qualities that make an outstanding trainer. The question is, where do you find these people? I feel that these are attributes that someone is born with and not something that can be taught. As an owner/operator of a small club I feel that out of my training staff of 6 (including myself) there are only 2 of us that have these traits. Am I not looking in the right places for top talent??

    Much appreciated. ~Tim


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