Webinar: Using Health Tests to Pump Profits and Increase Member Engagement

Consumers in general, and club members in particular, are increasingly looking for additional tools and information to help them better manage their health. Convenient and easy-to-administer health tests give members actionable insights and provide clubs with a profitable member acquisition and engagement tactic. From genetic fitness analyses to basic wellness and hormones tests, technology breakthroughs now allow for simple club-based sample collection, with results emailed within just days. With great revenue per square foot metrics, and several member engagement uses, health tests should be considered as an additional product by most club owners.

Webinar attendees can expect to learn:

-The basic categories of available tests, including how samples are collected and the insights they provide
-The mechanics and economics of offering health tests
-How health tests can be used to boost profits and member engagement
-Things to look out for when selecting a partner/supplier

Brought to you by Analyte Health.

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