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How to Effectively Market Cardio Training in Your Club


Take the road to peak performance. The road is not easy or free. Programming over and above the “core” club offerings should be fee based. Why? The programs offer a greater degree of expertise which comes at a premium price. Science-based training is no different, and cardio training comes under this realm.

Charging for cardio programming will create an expectation for excellence. Make sure that all staff involved realize this and are prepared to offer exemplary service and products. Ultimately the goal is to:

1. Provide flawless execution.

2. Make it right for the customer.

3. Create brand ambassadors.

Present the science.
Whether a professional athlete or a “weekend warrior,” sound training will help achieve superior results. The natural tendency for most athletes is to continually train harder and faster. Club members share this mentality. However, this frequently leads to over-training and injury, even death. Training at a heart rate training zone based on age won’t properly measure your workouts and may under or over train the body. Everyone’s physiology is different and requires a different approach. Until now a true, individualized training assessment was only available to the world’s top athletes or those with a college or university affiliation and deep pockets. Cost was also prohibitive ranging from $300 to $1,000.

Times and performance have changed. Currently this technology is available to the typical club member at a price range from $75 to $200. Individualized strength, endurance and speed training backed by the latest technology in the field of sports science is readily available and will garner huge profits for the health club industry. Everyone is looking for the edge and willing to pay real dollars for it.

Customized training and nutrition programs maximize performance and profits.

Sample pricing:

VO2 assessment

Resting test (for caloric recommendations) $85.

Sub-max VO2 assessment (heart rate zones) $150.

Re-assessment (8-12 wk intervals) $85.

Heart rate monitor $125.

Pedometer $25.

Personal training – Coaching $85/hr.

Sport specific training $100/hr.

Customized programs warrant premium pricing.
Everyone wants results. With the appropriate evaluation, inclusive of health parameters and VO2 assessment, realistic goals are established. Utilizing sound scientific principles and exact knowledge of individual physiology an appropriate training plan is created. With frequent monitoring and periodic retesting the plan can be modified to ensure continued progress and ultimate success.

If the health club priorities are:

1. Retention

2. Recruitment

3. Member satisfaction

4. Increased cash flow

5. Profits

6. Liability management

This program format should be set up immediately. This methodology is sound, simple and will generate cash flow beyond its cost within the first three months.

Take the road to peak performance.
No one does it alone. Even the world’s top athletes need a personal coach to create workouts, monitor progress and set new and realistic goals. Everyone needs to be accountable. The coach and the heart rate monitor equal accountability, as well as a motivational tool toward optimal health and wellness.

The inclusion of an appropriate cardio program can catalyze new growth opportunities within your club. You will have a better handle on member’s exercise intensity and create a whole new vertical revenue program. Now, the members are happy, and your bottom line is growing. Experience demonstrates a win-win scenario when a fee based cardio program is introduced, supported and optimized.

Stephen A. Black is the CEO of RockyMountain Human Performance Center, Inc. He can be contacted at 860.668.1213, or by email at steve@clubcoach.net, or visit www.clubcoach.net.

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