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Cardio Impact with Total Body Vertical Training


At the core of any health club is cardiovascular and strength training equipment – it keeps members coming through the doors, reaping the rewards of exercise and accomplishing their fitness goals.

But as technology, electronics and gadgetry have exploded in so many other areas, in the exercise realm, is there more beyond the standard treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers and stair steppers? In this advanced era, shouldn’t a machine provide a tremendous cardio workout for exercisers of any fitness level, nearly unlimited training options and a space-efficient footprint – all at a competitive price?

Enter the total-body vertical trainer. Perhaps inadvertently overlooked in the past, today’s total-body vertical trainers deliver unmatched versatility and variety – way beyond what can be accomplished on a traditional treadmill or stepper. When it comes to fitness equipment, don’t underestimate vertical trainers; they are just about as ideal as you can get.

Unmatched variety
Unlike any other cardio equipment, vertical trainers function as two machines in one – a total-body climber and a stepper – all within a compact footprint of just 43 inches by 46 inches, which is about one-half of the space needed for bulky treadmills and long ellipticals. Taking up precious space with idle steppers is no longer necessary since vertical training facilitates stepper workouts. And, clubs with tight quarters and limited floor space, can easily feature several vertical trainers to accommodate more members overall.

Exercisers can take advantage of a multitude of choices on total-body vertical trainers in order to customize workouts, add variety, jump-start motivation and target specific objectives. Consider the training options:

• Total-body conditioning (standing and climbing)

• Seated total-body conditioning

• Lower-body only training (stepping)

• Upper-body only training (using just arms, while standing on the ground)

• Seated lower-body only or upper-body only workouts.

In addition, this no-impact exercise can take the form of: slow, steady training to build endurance; intense sprint work to boost anaerobic threshold, or varying intervals to blast calories. It also offers the choice of: long, deep strides or short, quick steps; over- or underhand grip; pushing or pulling emphasis, and changing the upper- and lower-body involvement throughout the workout.

Clearly, the options are virtually unlimited and far surpass the performance of treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals or stair steppers. Once exercisers enjoy the uniqueness of a total-body vertical trainer, they are bound to be back for more.

Superior effectiveness
Beyond their incredible variety, total-body vertical trainers have been redesigned over the past 23 years to enhance the exercise experience. Boasting a versatile stride length of 20 inches for the lower-body and 27 inches for the upper-body, they can accommodate various intensity levels for beginners, elite athletes and those rehabbing from injuries.

Plus, a new interactive voice module essentially functions like a personal trainer by guiding exercisers through a simple start-up; coaching throughout a variety of opponents, towers and famous mountain peaks; and enlivening each session with valuable feedback to prevent overexertion and to encourage successful workout completion.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly overall, studies note that total-body vertical trainers have been shown to be more effective than traditional cardiovascular equipment because they:

• Actively engage more muscle groups for a true total-body workout and greater conditioning

• Offer the highest caloric and fat expenditure in as little as 20 minutes

• Require lifting the arms above the heart and head requiring more cardio output

• Offer minimal opportunity to cheat for better results in less time.

There simply is no comparison between total-body vertical trainers and standard cardiovascular equipment.

Abundant benefits
Exercisers aren’t the only beneficiaries of the unparalleled total-body vertical trainer. Club owners benefit from: flooring new equipment; servicing more members in less space; distinguishing themselves in a competitive marketplace; generating member motivation, and boosting retention. Plus, vertical trainers prove to be a significant value, are simple to operate, require minimal maintenance, are highly durable, and they are built in the United States to last eight to 10 years.

Fitness floors are re-energized, exercisers get a kick-start, and club managers enjoy satisfied members and cost- and spaceefficient, long-lasting equipment. Arm your facility with what is definitively the most versatile cardio equipment today and what is undoubtedly fast-becoming a popular mainstay at the gym: the totalbody vertical trainer.

Brett Collins is the Sales and Marketing Manager of VersaClimber. He can be contacted at 800.237.2271, or by email at bcollins@heartrateinc.com.

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