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Operations: An Arm That Extends Longer Than the Typical Reach


Often I hear from health club owners and operators that say they need assistance focusing on their plan for technology-driven initiatives. My next question is always “which part” or “what specifically are you referring to in the way of technology?” It has come to my attention that “technology” is often being looked at as one big category instead of what it is: lots of small subcategories that impact every facet of the business.

According to Wikipedia there are up to 52 different subcategories when speaking about technology at large.

Within a health club there are specific technology-driven items that are obvious, a social media plan, a website, a Google presence etc. The list can go on and on. The important point to contemplate is not what you are doing, but why you are doing it.

Because technology impacts every way we interact in the world nowadays, it would make sense that in the health club setting, there is also an impact on every part of the operation within your club. Specifically, using the tools within social media, website reach, social review and advertising to really be a reflection of your business at large, instead of a line on the list being crossed off (we are on Facebook, check).

An example of this would be creating a plan for how you want to reach new members this summer.

Once you come up with what you want to do (maybe a cycling club that meets outside of the club) utilize your online space to let people know about your plan. Post on your Facebook, tweet to your existing cycling enthusiasts and circle back to the plan using technology-based platforms as an arm that extends longer than the typical reach.

Often with an initiative like a new cycling club, a banner at the front desk is the focal point to let the member know about the new activity. Another option could be meeting people online through technology, as it has the potential to be more pointed, generating faster results.

In this example it is not really about technology, it is much more about connecting with people in a personal and conscious manner that enhances their life. Meeting people where they already are and having interactive conversations about what might be interesting to them will surely impact your business.

Technology is not one big category that needs to be one person’s job to tackle — it is the heartbeat behind many initiatives. When looked at in this way, the experience your members get is one that is elevated and extra personal.

Only good things can come from a customer-focused environment!

Cheers, and thanks for reading.


Emily Harbourne is the assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

Emily Harbourne

Emily Harbourne is the assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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