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Health Benefits to Using a Fitness App

fitness app

The pros of a fitness app, including what it can do for your gym members.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge for your members, and keeping track of that lifestyle can be an even bigger challenge. Yet, keeping track of exercise might be just the motivation your members need to keep them on the right path during their workout routines.

There are a host of fitness apps available today that allow your members to keep track of their progress. Some of them are more advanced than others, and depending on what they are looking to keep track of, the type of app they use can vary.

The technology in these apps can be unbelievable and the benefits to the user can be amazing. For example, some apps can sync up with other devices (like scales, heart rate monitors, etc.) that are used to automatically track progress, versus having to manually enter in data.

Some of the other added benefits to using a fitness app include:

  • The ability to set and track progress toward goals.
  • The ability to track activity levels and gradually increase time and reps.
  • The ability to see progress immediately via the app (and in some cases, online in a format that allows them to view their progress versus others).
  • The ability to heart rate train and monitor progression.

With these benefits in mind, what should a solid fitness app track and what should your members look for in their next fitness app?

Heart Rate Tracking

Sounds basic enough, but having an app that syncs up directly with a member’s heart rate monitor and not only tracks their live workouts, but also shows their history and progress, is extremely valuable. Depending on their age, weight and other factors, the app can help members better understand their heart rate training zones and where they should focus their workout to get the best results.

Weight Loss Progression

What is their current weight and what is their goal weight? A good app will help members track their progression, down to the date stamp and time of each weigh-in. Also, some apps will sync directly with WiFi or Bluetooth scales, and take away the time it takes to manually log this information with each workout.

Blood Pressure Reading

Does the app also read blood pressure? Getting a regular reading of blood pressure can help members better understand not only their progression with their workout, but also their progression with their eating habits. If they are a person with a history of high blood pressure, a fitness app should be a source of tracking the progress toward getting it under control.

Pedometer / Daily Steps

Are members tracking the number of steps they take every day? An app can help them track how many steps they take per day and how they are progressing over time. Also, the app should be a source for them to set up a challenges with friends or family at your club, and see who progresses with more steps in any given month …. all in real time.

These are just some of the things these apps can do. Have your members look for an app that doesn’t just help them measure progress, but really learns their habits and is seen as a seamless part of their everyday fitness routines.

For more information visit www.accurofit.com, email kbryant@accurofit.com or call 630.705.1898.

Kevin Bryant

Kevin Bryant is the vice president of global fitness for AccuroFit.

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  1. Ellie Davis July 23, 2019

    It’s interesting to know that a fitness app will help you to track your progress each day. My husband and I are starting to work out, and we are looking for gadgets to help us. I will look for a fitness app to keep track of my progress.


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