Industry Buzz: MYZONE GAMES Results


This summer, MYZONE gave away $9,000 during the Olympics to registered MYZONE users, in an attempt to encourage more people to exercise. The event was called the MYZONE GAMES, and took place August 15th through 28th.


  • 65 percent females participants, double the amount of men.
  • Those that participated in the challenge put in 57 percent more effort than those who did not.

Recently, Lauren Dewitt, the community manager and marketing assistant for MYZONE, stopped by the Club Solutions headquarters to share insights on the MYZONE GAMES.

CS: Why did you want to host the MYZONE GAMES?

LD: During the month of August, as you know the world is revolving around the Olympics, so we wanted to do something similar to get people to move and just get them excited and moving and exercising — because a lot of people are this time of year, and we wanted to encourage that.

CS: How did you feel the GAMES went?

LD: I think the results were great. We had a lot of user involvement, a lot of excitement via social media and friendly competition, so I think it went really well and I hope we do it again next year.

CS: What kind of feedback did you get from health clubs?

LD: They loved it. Any way to get their members engaged within their community will benefit them. The challenge is helping that engagement. It also helps sell the product.

CS: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

LD: We have challenges like this all the time. It’s not just for us to give away money, we just want to get people involved and get people moving.

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