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Gym Horror Story: The Bag of Bras

bag of bras

Happy Halloween! In honor of today’s holiday, please enjoy this “gym horror story” from Barbelle Real Fitness for Women. 

The Bag of Bras

When Kerry McElroy, the founder of Barbelle Real Fitness for Women, approached me about opening a women’s fitness center in 2004, I had my reservations. Being a life-time “non-athlete” and self-proclaimed “chubby girl” most of my life, I was worried truthfully that everyone would look like a “Barbie Doll,” so I told her that I’d do it as long as nobody was naked, ever. Thankfully she assured me that we would have only one-stall showers and bathrooms!

So when one day early on while I was managing the front desk a member came in from the parking lot holding a bag of bras, I got nervous.

I asked myself, “How does one lose such important things? Maybe your keys, your wallet, even your phone, but your bra — really?”

As we gathered around the desk trying to figure out, who and how, the guessing started: Who is this size? Who would wear this? The horror of the lack of support — then the thought of how to find the owner.

What should we do? Run a “missing undies” poster? Do we put it on Facebook? How about hanging them in the lobby? Don’t people know how important the right “equipment” is to a good workout?

We never did find the rightful owner, and chalked it up to someone “missing” the clothing drop box we have outside in our parking lot. But we always have a good laugh whenever we think about finding that bag of bras.

Happy Halloween!


Tracey Glynn is the manager of Barbelle Real Fitness For Women in Swansea, Massachusetts.


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