Euro-Locks Great for Lockers of Any Application

Euro-Locks family of digital combination locks are great for lockers of any application. Manufactured with European quality, durable zinc alloy housings and 10-digit keypads, these locks come available in standard, wet and chlorinated area, RFID and flush mount.

These locks can be programmed to either public or private use modes by the end user. Codes can even be remotely managed by a single person using a web based system. A 6-digit sub-master code gives more flexibility and an 8-digit master code allows access to a large number of useful functions such as an alarm function or allowing the unit to be used with coin operated locks.

With a 12-year battery life, LED battery life indicator and a mechanical key override, maintenance is of no worry.


For more information on Euro-Locks email, visit or call 616-994-0490.

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