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Introducing the CardioCoach VO2 Max App by KORR

VO2 Max

As the leader in VO2 Max and Resting Metabolic Rate testing equipment, KORR brings you the CardioCoach app to help you get even more personal with your clients.

After presenting the invaluable information of a VO2 Max test to your client, you may be asking: “Now what?” The information gained through this assessment can truly change a client’s workouts and revolutionize hir results, but how will he do it without you there to guide him?

KORR answers this question with the CardioCoach app.

This app uses a client’s VO2 Max test results to coach him through each workout. He simply grabs a heart rate monitor and chooses a workout goal for the day: weight loss, cardio Strengthening, aerobic conditioning, or something custom created by you, his trainer. Voice coaching will keep him in his unique heart-rate zones as he watches not only how many calories he is burning, but also what kinds of calories he is burning. As he finishes his workout, he can also see how many calories he burns post-workout.

Looking for accountability? Each client has the ability to send you an email about their workout with the touch of a button. Invite them to share how their performance has improved as they reveal the results of each workout.

If your client is looking to lose weight, CardioCoach shows his energy balance, how much he is eating versus how much he is burning, right on the home page. Calories can be entered manually, or your client can sync his CardioCoach app with the calorie counting app he is already using.

Give your clients more effective workouts with and without their trainer. You want to see them succeed — so make it personal with the CardioCoach app.

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