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KORR Becomes Cornerstone for PeakZone Fitness


Every club is looking for that one differentiator that makes it stand out from other clubs in the community. For PeakZone Fitness in Dallas, Texas, that key differentiator is KORR.

Here, Donny Day, the president and CEO of PeakZone Fitness, shares the benefits of offering VO2 max testing and why KORR has become a cornerstone for the club.

CS: Why did you decide to partner with KORR?

DD: From the very beginning of our facility, we wanted to offer VO2 max testing and were looking for a good company to partner with. When I discovered KORR I liked how user friendly it was, and the fact it could also do basal metabolic testing as well as VO2 max testing.

CS: How has the partnership with KORR benefited your business?

DD: KORR is a major cornerstone of our business. We probably wouldn’t have as many clients as we do without it, as it’s a great differentiator from other clubs. It also helps our clients achieve results, which aids in retention.

CS: How would you describe KORR’s customer service?

DD: I’ve always had great support from everyone at KORR. They have great customer service and I’ve been really happy with my purchase.

CS: For clubs looking to invest in KORR, what tips can you provide so they have similar success?

DD: We’ve had great success promoting KORR as a separate service from personal training, that complements training and our other services. In addition, I think it needs to be managed by someone who can take ownership of it. Finally, it’s extremely important for everyone on staff — front desk, management, etc. — to understand what KORR is and be fully educated on it. That way, no matter whom a member asks about KORR and what VO2 max testing can do for them, their questions won’t go unanswered.


For more information on KORR and how it can benefit your business, visit https://korr.com/cardiocoach/

Rachel Zabonick

Rachel Zabonick is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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