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Customers Tired of Waiting for Answers? Connect Your Staff With This Simple Tool

DLR Series

Equip your entire staff with the DLR Series Digital Radio from Motorola to provide your customers fast answers and eliminate unnecessary wait times. The instant information will create a seamless operation that will improve overall customer satisfaction and boost member conversions.

Featuring crystal-clear audio, powerful signal strength and user-friendly design, the DLR Series is where technology, reliability and efficient staff communication meet. Static-free, digital quality audio ensures your staff can communicate clearly and efficiently in any situation. With a range of 300,000 square feet and coverage up to 20 floors indoors, the DLR keeps staff connected in facilities of every size. Congested or unnecessary two-way radio traffic is eliminated with multi-channel models.

The DLR Series provides a seamless transition to effective staff communication with a user-friendly design that operates like a cell phone. As a result, your staff can start communicating right away with minimal disruptions to daily operations. Privacy protection is built-in with a Private Call feature that provides your team the ability to communicate with individual users. No FCC license requirements save you time and money. Visit us online at techwholesale.com, to learn more about the DLR and other Motorola Two-Way radio options.

Tech Wholesale is an authorized Motorola Two-Way Radio reseller that offers high quality two-way radios at low prices. As trusted communication experts, Tech Wholesale is leading the way for fitness clubs and health centers to enhance staff communications, provide unmatched customer service and improve their bottom line.


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