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One Million Downloads For The Fitness Business Podcast

Fitness Business Podcast

“Since taking over as host in 2020, my goal was to ensure we produced amazing interviews to get to 1 millions downloads as fast as possible. We have achieved this milestone three months prior to our goal so it is very big deal for The Fitness Business Podcast,” said Dori Nugent, the host of The Fitness Business Podcast.

The Fitness Business Podcast launched in May 2015 and has produced over 435 weekly shows, which translates to over 13,000 minutes of education for the fitness industry. Guests over the years have included industry experts, club managers and world renowned authors who all share practical ways to enhance the business in a snappy 30 minute episode.

“We can produce a weekly show thanks to the incredible support of our partners Keepme, Myzone, Hapana, ISSA, REX Roundtables, MXM and Vapor Fresh,” stressed Dori. “Without them we could not continue, so we are so grateful.”

“The seven-year success of the podcast comes down to consistency. A podcast interview comes out the same time every week and on the topic of business. We are committed to sticking to our lane of business education and we believe that’s why we have become a global brand,” said Sarah Pellegrino, the host of the spin-off podcast The Value Proposition.

The Fitness Business Podcast is truly a global podcast. Over 60% of the 1 million downloads have come from North America; 23% from Australia; 10% from the UK and the remaining across other English-speaking countries.

“What goes on behind the scenes to ensure we have outstanding guests who deliver just what our listeners need and want to hear is mind blowing,” said Jason Stowell, the host of the podcast’s special series Thinking Ahead. “We leave no stone unturned to ensure we produce a quality podcast. When you realize how much energy is put into every show, it is no wonder we have hit 1 million downloads.”

“As the original host and now host of our Education Intensive, I am so proud of the hitting 1 million downloads,” said Chantal Brodrick. “It makes all our efforts so rewarding. We still have our earlier shows downloaded each week.”

“The Fitness Business Podcast was one of the first industry specific podcasts.  There are now many podcasts to choose from so for the podcast numbers to continue to grow every month is a true testament to what our guests share,” said Dori.

The weekly Fitness Business Podcast can be found on iTunes or at www.FitnessBusinessPodcast.com.

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