Maria Miller

Maria Miller

Maria Miller is the regional programs and kids club director for Merritt Clubs. She has been with Merritt for over 17 years and has worked up the ranks from fitness director to program manager to regional director. During this time, she has improved member retention 10-fold and has grown several revenues-based services. Today she oversees all member programming, internships, kids, and child care operations, has started a summer camp program, school-aged programs and wellness division. She runs several of the day-to-day operations of multiple divisions within Merritt Clubs as well as consults and help manage operations with Merritt Clubs consulting and management division. Maria has a broad range of expertise including, member engagement strategies, programming for adults and children, club management, sales and non-dues revenue generation, school-aged program development, accreditations for summer camps, staff development and education, customer service, and she plays an integral part in the retention and integration of all Merritt members and teams. Maria has been a featured speaker at various events including IHRSA National Trade Show, been featured speaker on several webinars as well as contributing articles for publication. While Maria loves her job and the health, fitness and wellness industry, her favorite thing in life is being a mom and wife.


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