100 iPhone Applications To Help You Live To 100

Onlinenursingprograms.net has released 100 applications on the iPhone to help you live to 100. The applications touch on various things such as testing a person’s Blood Alcohol Level, Pocket First Aid and CPR Guide, Nike Training Club and Trailguru to name a few. With so many people using iPhones, you can put up the lists in your gyms to make members aware of how their iPhones can help them and the people they interact with.

Health by the Numbers

Use these calculators to find out just how healthy or unhealthy you are.

Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator: Have you had too much to drink? This calculator can help you figure out your limits.

Calories Burned Calculator: Use this tool to find out just how many calories your favorite kinds of exercise burn.

BMI Calculator: Find out what your body mass index is with this tool- a more reliable index of your health than weight.

PointsCalc: Those using Weight Watchers should try out this tool to keep their points on track.

Daily Calorie Calculator: Find out how much you’ve consumed today with this tool.

Heart Rate Calculator: Let your iPhone track your heart rate at rest and during activity with this helpful tool.

2Fat: Through this calculator you can estimate your body fat percentage, BMI, weight and more.

BMR Calculator: This calculator will help you figure out your basal metabolic rate.

iPoint Calculator: Those on Weight Watchers can use this tool to figure out how many points they can eat or have already eaten.

Happy Weight: Use this calculator to find out if you’re at the weight range you should be or if you need to shed or gain a few pounds.


Your iPhone can come in handy when it comes to emergencies– especially with these great apps.

Close Call: If you have a serious medical condition that any emergency personnel should be aware of then use this application to make the information evident on your phone.

CPR & Choking: Would you or those around you know what to do if someone was choking or needed CPR. Use this application to train yourself and others on how to react.

Pocket First Aid and CPR Guide: This application can be a great guide for you or others on what to do in an emergency.

Emergency Radio: Keep up with what is going on in your area in case of an emergency with this app that lets you know about all the emergency radio frequencies.

911 Help: Alert others that you need help with this tool that displays a flashing 911 signal on the screen of your phone.

iPhone Emergency Card: This application stores all of your important health and contact information on your phone so that if something happens to you you’ll have it all on hand.

Emergency Distress Beacon: Provided you have a cell signal, this application will let others know where you are should you become trapped or hurt.

Health Tracking and Diagnosis

Use these apps to make sure that your levels are normal and to figure out whether or not you need to take a trip to the doctor.

iBP Blood Pressure: High blood pressure can lead to a variety of more serious conditions, so make sure you’re in within the healthy range with this tool.

iEyeExam: Having less than perfect eyesight can be dangerous if you drive or use powerful machinery. Test your vision with this application.

Symptom Navigator: Have a cold or a cough? Find out what it might be through this handy tool that lets you search through symptoms.

Chondriac: This application will help you find medical health information no matter where you are.

Medicomatic: If you need help figuring out what your symptoms might mean use this app.

Lab Tests: Find out whether or not your lab results fall into the normal range with this tool.

SugarTracker: If you have diabetes you can use this application to help track your sugar intake.

Glucose Buddy: Monitor your glucose levels with this helpful tool.

My Life Record: Carry your medical records on your phone with this application.

8h2o: Are you drinking enough water? This application will help you figure it out and track it.

BP Buddy: Here you can track your blood pressure to make sure it’s not abnormally high.

Vision: Test and protect your vision using this program.

Brain Health

Physical health and brain health go hand in hand, so keep your brain in top condition by working it out with these apps.

Bookshelf: This application makes it easy to download and read ebooks on your iPhone to keep your brain challenged and learning.

Fritz Chess: Play a little chess on your phone with this application.

Brain Fit: This fun game is an amusing way to keep your brain in shape.

iBlueSky: Get your ideas down and in a visual representation with this mind mapping tool.

Stanza: Check out this tool to more easily read books on your phone.

Quote of the Day: Read a new quote from someone famous every day with this application.

Classics: If you want to finally read those classic books use this application to get them right on your phone.

Talking Phrasebooks: Learning a new language can be a great way to work out your thinker– and build a useful new skill.

Did You Know?: learn about a variety of new and interesting facts with this daily trivia app.

TED: This resource is full of great lectures you can watch, learn and get inspired by.

Poptiq: Watch all kinds of educational videos through this tool.

Accela Study Vocabulary Builder: While this application is designed for students studying for college entrance exams it can be a great way for anyone to learn more words.

Getting Active

Download these applications to help you run, walk, bike or just get moving.

iWorkoutLite: Get a little health and advice on how you can better workout and keep in shape with this application.

CityRUNNR: Runners can use this tool to track how far they run each day and see their progress over time.

GymFu: Use your iPhone as your own personal trainer with this application.

MoboVivo: Watch a wide range of fitness videos on your iPhone with this helpful app.

Nike Training Club: Get a personalized training plan for you through this Nike-created app.

iPump: Get a total body workout through the free workout programs offered here.

Steps: This application turns your iPhone into a pedometer so you can track how far you walk.

FitSync: Keep track of your workouts, training programs and overall fitness using this tool.

iMapMy: Map out your routes and progress in running, walking, cycling and more.

Pump10: This application will provide you with great, free workout videos.

iPhodometer: Track the amount of calories you’ve burned when you walk or run with this application.

RunKeeper Free: This application uses GPS to help you track your runs.

Speedometer: Find out just how fast you’re running or riding with this application.

Trailguru: Check out this app to get a little help in finding great places to work out and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time.

Fitnio: Use GPS to track how far you’ve run, walk or cycled in a day and keep records of it over time.

Bones in Motion: This application will help you track and monitor your fitness routines.

Fitness Tracking

Track your health improvement over time with these helpful mobile apps.

Health Cubby: Use this application to create a fitness goal that works for you and track your progress as you work towards it.

Spark People: This great site is an easy-to-use tool to track what you eat and how much you work out.

FitReach: Keep up with how much you’ve lost, what you’re eating and your overall fitness with this application.

Wellness4One: Put your information into this app and get a fitness plan designed to help you work out right and track how you’re doing.

Limeade: Create a personal fitness plan and keep track of your progress towards your goals with this application.

Gyminee: Join this community application to track your workouts, diet and more.

Progio Mobile: Track your workouts no matter where you go with this tool.

Daily Burn: Sign up for this iPhone accessible program to keep track of your personal fitness and nutrition.

TheCarrot: This application makes it possible to track your health, fitness and nutrition in one easy place.

Body Book: Make sure your workouts stay on track with this tool that lets you easily record what you did last at the gym.

Eating Healthy and Weight Loss

If you want to start eating right and trimming down your waistline, these applications can help.

iPhone Diet: This app will make it easier to keep track of your diet and nutrition no matter where you are.

101 Cookbooks: Here you’ll get access to hundreds of healthy, delicious recipes.

iPhone Nutrition: Find information on any food, from the store or restaurants, right from your phone.

Dietician: Plan out your meals in a healthy, balanced manner with this diet tool.

Food Information Database: Look up just about any food and find out how it will impact your health with this tool.

Sensei: Get a little help in your weight loss with this tool that helps you create a plan that will work for you the right way.

Fast Food Calorie Counter: Fast food isn’t good for you but find out to what degree with this tool.

Restaurant Nutrition: It can be hard to control how many calories you take in when you’re eating out so use this tool to find out how many calories are in all your restaurant favorites here.

Lose It!: This application will let you establish a daily calorie budget and find ways to stick to it.

WeightBot: Set goals and track your weight loss progress through this handy tool.

Mindful: Keep track of how much you’re eating each day and the total number of calories you consume.

Nutrition Menu: This application will put nutritional information for over 79,000 food items right at your fingertips.

WeightDate: Use this application to track how much weight you’ve lost and how close you are to meeting your goals.

Meditation and Stress Relief

Stress is a large factor in a wide variety of serious health conditions. Help reduce your stress levels no matter where you are with these apps.

Zen Timer: This tool will help you set aside a set amount of time for meditation.

White Noise: Turn on some soothing white noise to help you relax or meditate.

Daily Affirmations: Help put yourself in the right frame of mind with these positive affirmations.

Mind Wave: From relaxing to getting rid of a headache, this app will help you change how you’re feeling.

Prêt-à-Yoga: Take your yoga routine with you anywhere with this great set of yoga moves.

Massager: Use this application to gently vibrate your stresses away.

iDream: This application uses relaxing nature sounds to help you relax and meditate.

Custom Sounds of Nature: From bird sounds to babbling brooks, this application will supply you with quiet sounds to help you chill out.

Stress Reducer: Check out this application to get a little help relaxing, slowing down and unwinding at the end of your day.

Brain Hack: This application uses specially tested types of sounds to get you into the state of mind you want.

Meditate Now!: This tool will help you slow down and get into a meditative state of mind.

Yoga Relax: Use the moves provided by this application to help you center your mind and relax.

Sleep and Rest

These applications can help you get the restful, full night’s sleep you need to stay healthy and on top of your game.

Bob’s Sheep Counter: Having trouble falling asleep? Try counting sheep on this application.

aSleep: This app is designed to help relax and soothe you to sleep or into a meditative state.

Binaural Beats: Using different brain wave frequencies, this app will help soothe you to sleep or relaxation.

A Good Night’s Sleep: Use this application to gently wake up and reduce your stress in the morning.

Tranquil Alarm: This app is designed to wake you up gently so you won’t be rudely roused from deep sleep.


From quitting smoking to caring for your teeth, these apps are looking out for your health.

Quitter: If you want to quit smoking then this app can give you the advice and support you need to make the change.

Brush Timer: Dental health impacts more than just your teeth– it can affect your heart as well. This application will help you make sure you’re brushing long enough.

iRx: Learn about your prescriptions and how they might interact with this application.


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