Taking Rowing to the Next Level

Total Gym

With research showing that member retention is dependent upon “fun” and “trendy” as well as solid results, Total Gym takes the traditional rowing machine concept, still rooted in the horizontal “pull only” movement, to a higher plane. The company has created a smoother, more consistently loaded platform for the user with their new Total Gym® Row Trainer™.  The concept of pulling one’s bodyweight against gravity is the norm for the folks at Total Gym, however the application for indoor rowing on an incline, with adjustable levels, is a completely fresh, fun and different way to row. The Total Gym Row Trainer is the long-awaited “WOW” that health clubs have been seeking.

“Club owners are continually looking for something new and fun to keep their members engaged. The Total Gym Row Trainer delivers a tough cardio workout with a big smile,” said Total Gym CEO Jesse Campanaro. “We created a machine that mirrors a rowing pattern with a completely different resistance pattern. It delivers a cool, new physical sensation and it’s the only rower of its kind. You feel the difference immediately.”

The Total Gym Row Trainer has a variety of uses on the gym floor and is ideal:

  • As a self-serve station.
  • On the cardio deck.
  • In a rowing-dedicated group class.
  • As part of a mixed functional circuit experience.

The user benefits from:

  • Integrated strength component in a traditional cardio machine.
  • Smooth consistent load through the entire range of motion.
  • Loaded concentric and eccentric phases of the exercise.
  • Neutral lower spine positioning.
  • Multi-planar movement such as biceps curls and an alternating side-to-side row.
  • Ability to accommodate all fitness levels and ages.

The Total Gym Row Trainer is the sixth machine to join the Total Gym® Elevate Circuit™ — the Bodyweight Circuit for Every Body™ that uses functional incline bodyweight training to facilitate a full body workout in 30-mintues. Each unit in the Elevate Circuit is designed to bridge the gap between selectorized equipment and functional cages, while providing a new twist on a classic way to exercise, and the Total Gym Row Trainer definitely does not disappoint.

For more information visit learn.totalgym.com/row-trainer-cs | or call 858-764-0078.


*This press release was submitted by Total Gym. 

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