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The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss for Members


Last month we discussed vertical trainers and the myths associated with them. This month we will follow up with the simple fundamentals of weight loss and how to provide your members the total-body solution to achieving their goals.

The majority of members who come to your club do so to lose weight and stay healthy. Do your members know the information they need to know to successfully reach their goals? What if all of your members knew exactly how to lose weight in the most effective, healthy way as well as the exercise that would provide them with the greatest benefits in the least amount of time? How would this impact your club and members?

Understanding the basics of weight loss.
The name of the game in weight loss is calories in versus calories out. Let me explain: We consume food for energy or fuel. The food we consume is measured in calories, which is a unit of measurement for energy. The problem occurs when we provide our bodies with more food (energy) than is needed. The excess energy has to go somewhere; it just does not exit our bodies on its own. We all wish that this was the case, however the excess energy is stored as fat. If you can get your members to understand that fat is nothing more than stored excess energy, you have begun the most important step in helping them understand how to lose weight. If you burn more calories than you consume, then you lose weight. Just as the opposite holds true, if you consume more calories than you burn, you gain weight. The weight you gain is considered unhealthy weight because it is fat and increases your body-fat percentage. Having a high body-fat percentage and being unhealthy can lead to:

• Heart disease (the leading killer in men and women)

• High blood pressure

• High Cholesterol

• Diabetes

• Cancer

• Obesity

• Other known diseases and ailments that can cause premature death.

Getting your members to burn calories.
In order for your members to lose weight and become healthy they must start to burn more calories than they consume. This is where your club can really help your members know what they should be doing to help them achieve their goals. You have got to get them moving first and foremost, so what I want to do is discuss the benefits of cardiovascular training, and offer a solution to maximizing calories burned in the shortest amount of time.

Cardiovascular training.
Cardiovascular training uses large muscles in the body in a rhythmic and continuous manner over a sustained period of time, elevating your heart rate and breathing. Cardiovascular exercise serves as a foundation for activities of daily living, sports, hobbies and outdoor activities. Cardiovascular exercise has numerous benefits:

• It conditions the heart and lungs and helps them to function more efficiently

• Decreases blood pressure

• Increases HDL Cholesterol (good)

• Decreases LDL, Cholesterol (bad)

• Decreases body fat

• Decreases anxiety, stress and tension

These benefits combine to help your members lower their risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular training requires the body’s ability to respond to an increase in demand for oxygen throughout the body. The lungs have to absorb all the oxygen they can from the air you breathe. The heart has to pump harder to get more blood flowing past the lungs to carry that oxygen and more blood to the muscles to keep them performing. During cardiovascular activity the body needs energy. The more energy (calories) required by your body during exercise, the more calories you burn. Thus, you are burning excess calories that would otherwise be stored as fat, or burning stored fat from your body’s energy supply.

The most effective fat-burning secret revealed.
Total-body cardiovascular training is a way to ultimate weight-loss success for your members. What I mean is, a cardiovascular exercise that:

• Uses the total body

• Actively involves and engages all major muscle groups

• Requires your members far less time to burn more fat, and more calories, than other conventional cardiovascular equipment.

Vertical training involves having the arms above the head and your body in an upright position where you are pulling and pushing, in a vertical pushand- pull pattern, against various levels of resistance. Vertical training actively involves all major muscle groups, and therefore provides one of the highest levels of VO2 training, highest calorie burn, and highest fat burn in the least amount of time. If your members could burn more calories in 20 minutes or less by doing total body vertical training, what type of impact would this have on your club? I will keep it simple: More work in less time equals more calories burned in less time, which means to you, more satisfied members. Your members are at your club for results. Why workout and not get results? You must show your members how to get results in the most effective and efficient amount of time. For the ultimate weight loss for your members in the shortest amount of time, consider total- body vertical training.

Brett Collins is the Sales and Marketing Manager of VersaClimber. He can be contacted at 800.237.2271, or by email at bcollins@heartrateinc.com.

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