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With so many choices for studio accessories, manufacturers and programming available in the market, facilities are faced with the difficult task of choosing the right blend of products and quantities to optimize their existing space. Today, to help alleviate some of the stress, products have been developed and packaged especially for your studio. Each package of products and education is designed based on fulfilling the needs of various-sized studios.

Ranging from a 2000- to 800-square-foot studio, each studio package provides the optimal-mix product variety and quantity, combined with education and materials for promotion and program implementation. Ultimate, core and essential studio packages utilize a versatile Reebok Deck as the center piece of each package. The deck is a multi-purpose exercise platform which can be used as an aerobic step for cardiovascular training or incline/decline bench for strength training. Its versatility lends itself to be used in both group exercise and small-group training and is an excellent foundation piece for program variety; fusing studio accessories with program design.

Each studio package provides a club with the training and education necessary to implement a unique program. These types of goal-specific and result-oriented programs can help generate increased revenues along with increased member satisfaction and retention. As a fee-based program, studio training can generate profit to benefit the facility and the trainer. With the adaptability of studio packaging, a facility can also realize profits by appealing to a range of clientele such as weight loss, sports-specific and special populations.

As part of each studio package, education workshops are designed to provide fitness professionals with the knowledge and skills to help people of all ages and fitness levels reach their fitness goals. Whether a personal trainer or a club owner wanting to upgrade the expertise of staff, the workshops are tailored to meet a club’s business goals and are taught by some of the world’s top fitness professionals. Studio packages come with a facility resource manual complete with marketing templates, a detailed implementation plan, and different techniques to structure pricing and compensation. Most importantly, an individual from the education team is available for support in preparation for programming.

Each program reflects the latest in industry trends and academic research. Participants can learn to diversify their studio programs by integrating the use of equipment that has multiple applications outside the group exercise class. Continuing education credits from specific certification agencies as well as take-home print manuals are provided to reinforce workshop instructions. Once fitness professionals are trained to instruct the programs, clubs can then brand the workouts on their group training class schedules and personal training materials.

The Ultimate Package for Larger Studios
An ultimate studio package is built to accommodate a studio space of 2000- square-feet and larger. While built around the use of the deck, the package also features a cable column for integrated functional training and an indoor cycle for group cycling classes. The cable column offers a variety in training options for members of any fitness level, from a seniors’ class to athletic performance sessions. Other studio accessories like medicine balls, resistance tubing and stability balls can be incorporated into sessions for program versatility.

The Core Package for Mid-Sized Studios
With the primary focus on training based on the deck, a core studio package is designed for the 800- to 2000-square-foot space. Education is primarily focused on using the deck’s versatility in a variety of applications, incorporating the use of studio accessories for programming that range from cardio step to integrating barbells, stability balls, and medicine balls for fusion classes. Also included in the education package is a master class designed to promote the versatile certified professional who is able to train both individuals and groups. There is also a blend of other products such as yoga mats, blocks, foam rolls, hand weights and many others to offer a wider range in group training.

The Essential Package for Smaller Studios
An essential studio package is a product mix composed to optimize a smaller 800-square-foot space. Although a fewer number of decks are offered, the marketing and education package is designed to help build enthusiasm for group and small group training in the club. Trainers will learn to merge supplementary tools within the studio package to deliver results-driven, motivating sessions that have the versatility to accommodate a broad population.

Whether it is an ultimate, core, or essential package that is appropriate for you, professional studio packages have been designed to suit the needs of any club. With the combination of exceptional products, education and marketing support, you can choose the right assortment of products to optimize any given space.

Lisa Renee Tumminello is the Education Manager for FreeMotion Fitness. She can be contacted at 866.868.9170, or by email at

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