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The Guest Pass Follow-up Sequence


The proper guest pass follow up sequence is critical to maximizing your leads. Chances are that you have single day passes or two week passes for prospects at your facility and that if someone doesn’t join your facility you give them one of these passes; most commonly the two week pass. Try before you buy is one of the most effective marketing methods in the world, for any product.  However, unlike similar products that a consumer can see and touch you are giving them something they have to interact with. Chances are that after their first workout, your two week prospects are significantly less likely to return unless they have the motivation to do so. By default your two-week-pass members are the prospects who did not join the facility on day one. So, we can safely assume that they are not very motivated or you would have already sold them a membership. Hence, you need to have a reason to follow up with these members.

Instead of handing over a two week pass and hoping that the member joins, you must follow up with that member on a regular basis.

Giving you staff a reason to call a prospect is very powerful. Also, having a prospect expect your calls is far superior to random solicitation. I recommend a graduated guest pass system to maximize your trial pass follow up. Instead of giving your prospects a two week pass right off the bat, start with a three day or one week pass. At the end of that time period your staff member has a reason to follow up with that prospect, they can either incentivize them to join the facility at that point or extend their trial pass to allow the prospect to continue thinking about it. As a result your prospects will be in contact with the club more often and they will be more expectant of your calls.

Chris Batchelor


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