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Trak Fitness Introduces a Major Advancement in Resistance Training


Trak Fitness has revolutionized cable resistance training with the development of its patent-pending TrakHandle® Pro-line cable attachments. The technological advancements exclusive to these unique accessories enable cable equipment to adapt to the user’s natural physiology instead of the user adapting to the equipment. TrakHandle accessories enable ergonomically correct movement throughout all cable exercises.

TrakHandle Pro’s three axes of rotation provide unprecedented mobility and range of motion for the user’s hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. TrakHandle users can perform compound movements through multiple planes of motion during any cable exercise, while reducing unnatural strain on joints and ligaments. Users can now target specific muscles without fatiguing secondary muscle groups.

“Just when you think resistance training using cables has evolved to their limits, along comes the TrakHandle — an innovation that maximizes the functionality of any push-pull movement while using a cable system,” said Ed Trainor, the VP at Town Sports International. “Whether using a selectorized weight stack, air resistance, or any form of suspension or body weight training, the ergonomics are enhanced throughout the movement.”

Use the TrakHandles independently or combine them with any of the Trak Fitness pull bars, including the TrakRow, TrakBar 24 and TrakBar 42. These adjustable pull bars provide a fourth axis of rotation that enables users to target any upper body muscle group from a variety of angles. TrakHandle® Pro-line cable attachments improve personal training programs by enabling trainers to develop unique exercises that address the specific needs of their clients.

For more information or to purchase products go to www.trakfitnessllc.com or call 516-986-3359 or e-mail Trak Fitness at sales@trakfitnessllc.com.

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