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Reach Out to Your Members to Get Them into Nutrition


“Just Do It” is a phrase that we have all heard through Nike’s advertising campaigns. Those of us who work in the fields of health, fitness and nutrition have been guilty of just such phrases.

How do you get your customers motivated? Look at your demographics.  What time of day do they come and work out? Are they the passive “wanna be” athlete? Or, are they an individual with a serious outlook on their health, both mind and body. Does your customer have time limitations in their schedule; work, kids and home, or rather life in general that takes up most of our time these days?

As you are all aware, nutrition plays a big factor in the stamina and endurance that your clients need to get those workouts done. Nutrition even has a role of whether or not they will even make it through your front door. Tired, exhausted and thinking about what is waiting for them at home can sway your client’s mind as to whether or not they will show up at the gym tonight. How can you help your clients surpass that thought altogether? Easy, offer some nutritional guidance while demonstrating positions or equipment. Follow up with them before and after the workout to see how they feel. Find out if they eat a proper diet and if not, do they supplement? There are many avenues that can be pursued in casual conversation and a little advice can bring in your extra profits.

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