Who’s the Boss?

How many of your members know who your manager is? Do they know the owner of the club? I believe this frustrates a lot of members these days, because some owners and managers have very little personal face time with club members

When I was a regional director, it was a requirement that my general managers worked at least 30 minutes on the floor or at the front desk every day. I wanted the members to know whom they could go to if they felt something was wrong. It’s also about that personal touch. I have been a member of various clubs and each time I walked in all I would see is a manager behind his office door the whole time. That’s not the kind of club for me. I want to see a manager that gets out and knows his/her members.

Business is very competitive these days and what separates clubs now is “relationships.” If you don’t have relationships with your members, they feel no sense of loss in going somewhere else.

Eric Vyborny
Fitness Marketing Contributor

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