Utilizing Management Software to its Fullest Potential

Management Software

Scientifically, the myth that human beings only use 20 percent of their brainpower has been proven to be false. However, the reality that most health clubs only use 25 percent of their software’s capabilities is a long-standing fact in the health and fitness industry.

This can result in a variety of problems, as clubs continually pay for products and services that if fully utilized, could dramatically increase revenue and decrease costs. Whatever the reason for this conundrum, there is a solution — utilizing at least 75 percent of a solid, user-friendly club management software (CMS). This can result in tremendous improvement to your bottom line.

First of all, make sure your CMS provides training and support as part of the cost package. A partner that works with you through coaching and identifying the pathway to enhancing your capabilities and information is essential. It is extremely rare for club operators to experiment with the software, and stumble upon profit-making capabilities without being coached on solutions and methods.

Here are some questions you should be asking about your CMS. Questions such as these can help determine if you’re utilizing your CMS to its fullest potential.

• What marketing tools are available?
• How can reports be formatted to best fit you club’s needs?
• Are the full on-line capabilities being used?
• Are you looking at checks and data to be sure your sales match the dollars received?
• Are you measuring prospecting, close percentage, commission volume and activity in membership?
• Are you monitoring personal training cancellations, bookings, reschedules, attainment of bonuses and up sales?

With the aid of your CMS provider, being well versed in your software’s capabilities is a must.

The industry is rapidly progressing, and as a result, so is CMS. What technologies are very profitable clubs using to be successful? Online joining, new benchmarks in reporting, kiosks, enhanced data, prospecting, e-mail blasts and website integration are all being used effectively. Interfacing with social media, more checking account members and integration of booking/scheduling are all making dramatic improvements in bottom line revenue.

For example, one capability that can produce revenue enhancement is 24/7-remote access as an up-charge for members that want it. This ability to generate more revenue from the present membership base is becoming very common. Some clubs use the remote door reader to manage access to separate revenue stream areas (paid group exercise or training in addition to monthly dues) of the club.

Your CMS choice will be a significant determining factor in how much increased revenue and reduced expenses your company will realize. No decision leaves a tremendous amount of money on the table. Take action and call your account representative at your management software company today, to find out how you can fully utilize your software resources now.


David Porter has been a sales consultant at Twin Oaks Software Development for many years. Previously he ran several businesses, including Suburban Athletic Club outside of Boston, which he co-owned and operated for 10 years. He can be reached at 860.829.6000 or dporter@tosd.com.

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