Inside the Club: Trainers, Keep In Touch

personal trainingI don’t have to tell you what’s going to happen tomorrow. You’re going to wake up, maybe workout, maybe not, and stuff your belly full of delicious food. You’re going to be so happy for a short amount of time, and then the guilt will set in.

Everything you had been working towards and preaching to your members for the past six months will be out the window. Additionally, you’ll feel a little like a hypocrite. It’s OK because most of your members did exactly the same thing. They also felt the guilt, and if you’re a good trainer, they also are ashamed to see you and tell you what they did. It’s like telling your parents that you dropped the ball.

However, a great trainer should have spent the past several months building a quality relationship with that member where communication is open and ongoing. As a trainer, it’s important to keep conversations alive with members and clients concerning the negative impacts on binge eating and falling off the wagon — especially during the holiday season.

For a lot of us it’s hard to remember why we stay so focused throughout the majority of the year when the holiday season is upon us. It’s like it sneaks in with Halloween, dropping a little candy here and there, and then it jumps us with Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m pretty sure the vast majority of your members could tell you why they exercise with you between January and October, but I’d bet they struggle to even remove the blinders as we get into November and December.

It’s important during those (these) two months that you stay in communication with your members. Discuss with them the importance of portion control and staying active while everyone else simply quits, puts their feet up and watches parades and football.

Do your best tomorrow and throughout the rest of the holiday season to stay in contact with your members. Help walk them through this rough time for fitness and they will come out the other end glad you were there.


Tyler Montgomery is the editor of Club Solutions Magazine. Contact him at

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