Personal Training: Employee Retention

Employee retention is key to a successful personal training department. One of the biggest reasons for success in any training department is having a staff that is consistent. Having a staff that members recognize and have seen earns members’ trust and makes them feel that their time spent with a trainer is meaningful and well spent. Retaining trainers for long periods of time also allows them to build a clientele that will generate referrals, promote group training and a good reputation among members.

So how do you keep a trainer for long periods of time? Employee retention does not always equal financial rewards. In fact, many studies of employee behavior determine that in a poor work environment, monetary reward does not encourage an employee to stay. Here are some methods to retain trainers:

• Recognize their success monetarily (the amount of money they generate).
• Recognize the success they have with their clients.
• Recognize being a team player with their fellow trainers and other employees in the club.
• Recognize going the extra mile for club members.
• Recognize personal professional milestones (anniversary at the club, length of service at the club, etc.).
• Recognize trainer birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

More often than not, employees perform at a higher level when they feel their efforts are being recognized.


Vic Spatola is the Director of Personal Training for Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club in Greenwood Village, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. Contact him at

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