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Inside the Club: Every Business Needs a Tim Howard


shutterstock_110918564After watching the U.S. fall to Belgium yesterday in the World Cup, it’s been the only thing on my mind. I’ve been attempting for several hours to write a column that would help you think about your business in a unique way.

All I can really think about is how great Tim Howard, the U.S. goalkeeper, was in yesterday’s match. But, the more I think about Howard, the more I think about business as well.

I read an article this morning where one of the U.S. defenders said it takes away a lot of pressure to have a goalkeeper such as Howard behind him in goal.

I think a lot of times in life and in business we value the person that puts the ball in the net, hoop, goal or end zone. We evaluate people and players by their ability to successfully add points to the board. But, what about those people that keep points from being added to the board?

In this analogy you might say sales drive you forward. That’s true, sales are an essential element to winning the game — unless you are in a Group Stage at the World Cup and a “loss” can actually be a “win.”

However, what really helps keep a club thriving is the staying power of a member. The member that continually returns to the club year after year paying dues and paying their monthly fee without any hiccups. What we don’t notice is the “goalkeeper” that sustains that member.

In the club, it’s impossible to always point one finger at the person that is responsible for retaining a member. However, it could always be pointed at certain systems, programs or a group of employees.

In a game and in business, it takes all players being on the same page to win and succeed. But when you have a Howard in place, it makes growing that much easier.

Begin to search for the Howard of your club. Is it a person, program, system or any other aspect that keeps people from leaving? Really give that “Howard” a hard look and see how you can better position areas around it to give it more security and power.

Like in soccer/football, you’ll need all areas in top form to advance, but without a great goalkeeper, you’ll continually give up more goals (lose members) and that could end up costing you the game (the success of your business).


Tyler Montgomery is the editor of Club Solutions Magazine. Contact him at tyler@clubsolutionsmagazine.com.

Tyler Montgomery

Tyler Montgomery is a former writer for Club Solutions Magazine.

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