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Operations: Coming Up With Your Sales Game Plan


shutterstock_147430352Toward the end of each month many sales employees are working heavily to close out their numbers, seeking out missed leads and tying up other loose ends. As a result, the following month’s game plan to reach personal and team goals often gets overlooked. Many people have a hard time coming up with a detailed and realistic plan when they get to this point because of their lack of knowledge in their current production habits.

As a result, it’s the club manager or sales director’s job to help each employee come up with monthly and daily game plans to track their current production. The template below can be used for different types of lead sources. Have each employee track:

How many leads

  • 100 leads

Phone calls

  • 75 calls (75%)

Phone calls actually reached

  • 35 answered calls
  • (46% from total calls)
  • (35% from total leads)

Appointments made from phone calls

  • 15 appointments made
  • (42% from calls made)
  • (15% from total leads)

How many appointment shows

  • 8 appointment shows
  • (53% show rate)
  • (8% show rate from total leads)

How many sales from showed

  • 4 sales
  • (50% sales from shows)
  • (4% sales from total leads)

How many referrals from those sales

  • 20 new leads

From their past history, the employee should be able to put numbers and percentages to each of the stages as shown above, which you can then do at least two things with.

First, create a game plan to reach the total sales goals needed for the month based on past history. In the above example, if the employee needs eight sales, then they will need to at least double total leads, phone calls and so on to reach their goal.

Second, you can identify weak points in this model based on past averages to improve upon for future success. If there is a drastic area of reduction between  total calls versus appointments made, it may tell you that there is something wrong with the employee’s phone call scripting. Lastly, it may also show if they are putting too much effort into a lead that simply doesn’t produce.

Share this template with your sales director or sales staff. You can use the template from one lead source or even combine all of them together. Either way, you should be able to create a detailed plan for each member of your team that you can then hold them accountable to each day.


Adrian Antigua is the operations manager for Gainesville Health and Fitness in Tioga, Fla. Formerly a desk manager, Antigua is heavily involved in customer service and staff training. For questions on operations, e-mail Antigua at AdrianA@ghfc.com.


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