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Break Through the Advertising Noise


shutterstock_105635744Look around. We live in a society inundated with promotions and advertising. With every flicker of the eye, a 30-second commercial, movie trailer, web banner, deal of the day or “once in a life time” offer is smacking you in the face. This cesspool of sensory overload may lead you to question if your health club will be lost in the mix of media hysteria or learn to break through the noise.

In advertising, “noise” is anything that detracts from your message. Advertising noise can be a big problem. If a prospect is exposed to too much promotional clutter, they are less likely to remember your specific message. Competition is fierce, but you can be ferocious. Be determined to overcome this hurdle and grab the attention of a would-be member. Here’s how:

Relate to Your Target Audience.

Avoid the “shotgun” approach, which tries to hit everyone with the same shot. Aim your message to a specific group of people. Gain deeper insight about your members by grouping them by common factors. Analyze them to determine the advertising method that may work best for each. Use verbiage and style to appeal to each demographical category differently.

Communicate Correctly.

Properly balance verbal and nonverbal cues to evoke a specific response. Emotions such as empathy and determination can be persuasive if creatively conveyed in both text and imagery. Use every opportunity to boldly communicate the right message.

Meet Your Objective.

On occasion, advertising simply informs its audience, however this is rare. It is nice to share the health benefits of diet and exercise but if the reader doesn’t associate that information with your facility, the effort is lost. Focus on the key objective – membership conversion. Be direct. Demonstrate confidence and experience. Develop an ad that will win over the trust of a hesitant individual by not only educating, but showing them you are the best health and fitness choice.


Depending on the size or type of advertisement, take advantage of every opportunity to mention additional products, services or classes you offer. If you have an upcoming workshop or conference, dedicate a small piece of advertising real estate to share a few details.

Brand. Brand. Brand.

Make sure your gym’s logo, website and phone number are well placed. This may seem obvious, but is sometimes treated as an afterthought. Name recognition is a key differentiator in a noisy atmosphere. Do not allow your brand to be lost in the creativity or cleverness of the advertisement. Clearly share who you are and how you can be reached.

Use Pricing to Persuade.

Your pricing strategy will affect the style of the advertisement. First, use imagery to highlight the perks of the facility. This will entice prospective members to jump on board no matter what the price is. To show an advantage over the competition using pricing, advertise a special offer such as a free month, reduced rate or discounted membership fee. Proper pricing can help you to meet quotas or overcome a seasonal slum.

Deliver On Your Marketing Strategy.

Choose the correct advertising according to your marketing strategy. Review your marketing strategy in relation to each target audience and geographical area. Use the best media based on this information. If the marketing goal is to increase members in the Baby Boomer demographic, then select the style of advertising that most effectively reaches this segment.


Terrell McTyer is the Marketing Monster of Affiliated Acceptance.  He can be contacted at 573-374-9970 or by email at Terrell.McTyer@Affiliated.org.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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