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Personal Training: The Fall Season Should Not Bring a Fall in Productivity


Keep your team excited through the fall season.The quest for beach bodies is over and New Year’s resolutions are still being broken. It’s fall and there’s a chance that both the fitness floor and your staff may have fallen victim to an autumn lull. Below are three tips for keeping your training team excited, engaged and productive as we approach the hectic holiday season.

Healthy Atmosphere:

Sick days can become a manager’s nightmare. In addition to being short-staffed, an overabundance of sick days can lead to an overabundance of missed sales. In addition to encouraging healthy habits amongst your team (i.e. hand washing) you might consider inviting your local pharmacy to provide complimentary flu vaccinations at your club. This not only acts as preventative healthcare, but also treats employees and members to a service they may forgo due to the cost or inconvenience.

Motivation and Appreciation: 

Goals are given to employees in order to strive and show success. Goals are set by personal training clients to achieve specific measures during their physical fitness journey. Regardless of the nature of a goal, it acts as a driving factor and enhances daily performance. Establishing parameters will help accomplish tasks more efficiently. The key is positive reinforcement. It is important to show appreciation for hard work and success. This can be as simple as a handwritten note or an acknowledgement of a job well done to an upper-level manager and peers.


Other than imposing commission, there are some trivial gestures that can drive an individual to perform above there required expectations. Offering lunch for hitting monthly or quarterly revenue goals can give a team the push to acquire new personal training clients or renew current contracts. Examples of possible incentives can be a small grocery store, coffee shop or gas station gift card. Additional options such as earning a sweatshirt or gym bag may entice employees to reach personal goals.

Consider these simple tips to keep your team healthy and inspired to work at optimal level.


Lauren Pecora is a personal training director at Meridian Fitness & Wellness in Brick, New Jersey. 

Lauren Pecora

Lauren Pecora is a personal training director at Meridian Fitness & Wellness in Brick, New Jersey.

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