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Eight Mysteries to Motivating Members


shutterstock_218608102Why do members renew their memberships? On some level, their needs and desires are being satisfied in a way that keep them returning month after month. As a manager, do not take this nuance for granted. Membership retention is the key to longevity. Plug in these basic ideas to keep members motivated and maintain a continual customer base.

Motivate indirectly. People may not want to know they are being motivated. It can feel manipulative to them. So avoid tactics that are obvious and cliché which may, in turn, have an adverse effect.

Satisfy multiple needs. We frequent malls because they fulfill a combination of needs in one location. We can buy a pair of shoes, let the kids play and grab dinner all in one place. People like convenience. Solving several problems at once is a major benefit. Use this as a motivator. Leave no excuse for a member to bail on a good workout by offering great prices, a variety of classes, child care and small retail shop.

Be a discovery guide. Studies show most individuals are more motivated by their health and safety needs than their social and luxury wants. Group functions and high-tech equipment are major drawing cards, but in the end a member finds features that emphasize self-actualization most meaningful. Help them discover their true selves beyond the glitz and glam.

Commit to the process. There is a method to motivation. It starts by helping the member realize what they really need. They may need to lose 15 pounds or prepare for a marathon. The need necessitates an action. Actions must lead to goals. Part of the gym staff’s role is to motivate the member to remain dedicated to their goal. If they do not see results; the member may lose motivation, reject the goal, abandon dedication and ultimately forfeit membership renewal.

Anticipate diversity. Motivation is not a one-trick pony; it’s a circus. You will need a different “ring” to appeal to a broad audience. Don’t make the mistake of thinking everyone has the same goal. You are likely to miss the motivation mark if you assume all of your members come only to “get healthy.” In essence, they could accomplish this at home. There are additional reasons that they come to your health club, which are different for each member. This is important to realize.

Get rid of the problem. Exercise builds more than physical strength; it helps to keep us mentally healthy. The idea that a gym is an ideal place to relieve stress is a no-brainer (pun intended). Maximize this powerful motivator. Although you can’t eliminate a member’s workplace woes or raging rug rats (nor would you want to) you do offer a satisfactory getaway.

Defeat the fads. For some, fitness is a fad. Getting in shape is treated as an annual resolution or way to eliminate the extra pounds after the holidays. But fitness and health should be a mindset and lifestyle. To drive this philosophy home, a paradigm shift must occur. Challenge members to elevate their mindset, mission and purpose.

Positivity pays off. Many members will respond better to positive reinforcement. The right blend of happiness and happenstance can be an energizing catalyst. In the end, the member should feel rewarded and transformed.


Terrell McTyer is the Marketing Monster of Affiliated Acceptance. He can be contacted at 573-374-9970 or by email at Terrell.McTyer@Affiliated.org.


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