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Starting the Day Off Right


_ElaineConvenience is key for Elaine Feehrer. As a business systems analyst for branch operations at Navy Federal Credit Union, she does not have time during her busy day, packed with meetings, to fit in a workout. After work, nothing sounds less appealing than hitting the gym. But at 325 pounds, Feehrer no longer liked the way she looked or felt.

“It came to the point where I needed to do something,” said Feehrer. “I tried every kind of diet that was known to man — liposuction, everything — but I could not keep the weight off and maintain a good health regimen. Like everyone says, the only way to do it is to workout and have portion control.”

Luckily for Feehrer, it was easy to start incorporating workouts into her daily routine by utilizing the fitness center at the Navy Federal offices in Pensacola, Florida. The gym was developed with the help of Corporate Fitness Works, which has designed and managed more than 100 fitness centers across the country.

The center is open 24 hours a day, so Feehrer can start her day off right with an early-morning sweat session. “The best time for me to workout is very early in the morning,” said Feehrer. “I can roll out of bed, put on my workout clothes, go to the gym, do what I need to do, then shower and use the facilities there to get ready for my day at work.”

Variety helps keep Feehrer motivated to go to the gym. The fitness center features a plethora of equipment including rowers, treadmills, bicycles, free weights, weighted machines, BOSU balls and more. For those who can’t get motivated to workout alone, instructors host group fitness classes such as indoor cycling, boot camps and HIIT throughout the day.

A favorite choice for Feehrer is the small group training led by trainers hired by Corporate Fitness Works. “I work better with motivation from other people,” explained Feehrer. “I do that twice a week. It is cardio and strength training. I have to give them kudos because very rarely do they repeat classes — it is always something new.”

Social interaction is an additional perk of the small group training classes. “It is like a separate family,” she said. “The classes have helped me meet quite a few people. We not only do stuff in the gym, but we do things outside of work too.”

Since Feehrer began using the fitness center four years ago, she has seen drastic physical and metabolic changes. To date, not only has she lost around 146 pounds, but she has also been able to stop taking her blood pressure medication and sleeping pills, and her arthritic knees have greatly improved.

“I am proud of myself that I started working out four years ago,” she said. “I am in the maintaining process now. I am keeping up with it and having fun. I enjoy it and look forward to going to the gym, taking classes and participating in the small group training sessions.”

Feehrer’s story showcases the power of corporate wellness programs. Without having access to an on-site fitness center powered by Corporate Fitness Works at Navy Federal, it’s unlikely she would have experienced her fitness gains.


By Emily Harbourne 

Emily Harbourne

Emily Harbourne is the assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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