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Making Sanitizing Equipment a Top Priority


Keeping a fitness facility in tip-top shape is a total team effort. It goes far beyond clean locker rooms and properly working fitness equipment free of nicks, ripped upholstery and worn-out mats. The more involved everyone is in the cleanliness of their workout environment, the better the results will be.

Why keep a fitness facility clean and sanitized?

The obvious answer is to keep members (and staff) healthy. There are new superbugs and illness outbreaks all the time, in addition to the usual suspects like influenza, MRSA, E. coli and other highly communicable illnesses. Wiping down equipment after each use helps reduce the risk of contamination, which keeps members and staff healthy, reducing facility liability and keeping the focus on achieving health and wellness goals.

Service techs are impacted by the cleanliness of a fitness facility, too. If a piece of equipment that they are servicing is not properly cleaned, they can contract any of these illnesses just as easily as members can. Because they are getting into different parts of the equipment like gears and shrouds that are sharp as well as less likely to be cleaned regularly, a simple cut can turn into a serious issue like a severe infection or worse.

In addition to creating a great first impression by looks alone, properly cleaning and sanitizing equipment can also prolong a product’s life. But not all cleaning options are created equal. Specially formulated cleaning wipes with manufacturer-recommended cleaning solutions are proven to reduce damage often caused by spray cleaners.

Conversely, by not cleaning the equipment properly and on a regular basis, equipment can quickly suffer the effects of corrosion from salt and sweat build up, discoloration or rusting. Not to mention risk to the motor control board or other technology pieces if the wrong type or amount of cleaning solution is used.

While it might seem daunting to keep a full facility of equipment clean at all times, it is manageable if the entire team pitches in.

Let members participate. Facilities can provide their preferred cleaning solutions around the fitness facility so that members can clean before and after they use equipment.

Facilities can also make sanitizing part of their preventative maintenance process. By regularly scheduling time to clean equipment properly, a facility can ensure the process is done correctly. They can keep improper or excessive amounts of cleaning solutions away from high-cost items like touch screens and heart rate monitors that can cost between $800 to $1,200 to replace. Factor that expense across a facility with 100 or more cardio pieces and the benefit is clear.

Keeping a facility clean is the only option for healthy members and staff, high customer satisfaction and a prolonged life of each piece of equipment.


Jason Buelna is the manager of service engineering at Core Health and Fitness. He can be reached at jbuelna@corehandf.com or 714.508.3336. Michael Gardner is the director of sales and marketing for 2XL Corporation. He can be reached at michaelg@2XLCorporation.com or 708.344.4090.

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