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Between email blasts, flyers, social media, newsletters, ads and much more, there are a plethora of ways to market your club in order to increase membership sales. However, sometimes it can be hard to track your efforts and see how big of an impact your marketing tactics are actually making.

Instead of slipping postcards in the mail or hitting the send button on an email blast, Nancy Terry, the senior vice president of marketing at Sport&Health, suggested getting out there, being visible, meeting community members face-to-face and demonstrating first hand the services you offer.

“We are having wonderful success with our community events,” said Terry. “ It’s a great way to take your message to the street, increase visibility for your club and talk to some new people in your market.”

Get your brand out there. Whether you live in a small town, suburb or big city, there are various community events to participate in. Terry said that farmers markets, 5Ks, 10Ks, triathlons, charity events, arts and crafts festivals, concerts and outside movie events are just a few options.

Participating in these events is only the first step. Once there you must entice people to come see what you are all about. “We created a fun, eye-catching booth with our logo on the tent, tablecloth and wind sail,” explained Terry. “Demos on the stage and in the booth showcase the club’s programs and invite individuals to a taste of the club. Encourage everyone to get up, get moving and get active.”

Other ideas Terry suggested are free balloons for kids, dog bowls with water and treats for pets, and of course, free swag. “We have a spinning wheel that attracts passersby to enter to win free dues and all sorts of free programs,” she added. “We always give away various prizes like fans, sunglasses, sling packs and t-shirts, but we write the prize on the free membership certificate so they come to the club to get it.”

With potential members flocking to your booth to watch demos and win free prizes, it is the perfect opportunity to also demonstrate the importance of making health and wellness a priority. Sport&Health often features a five-pound lump of “fat” at their booth, asking people to guess how much it weighs. They may be shocked at how a little bit of fat impacts their overall health.

When it comes to developing a successful marketing campaign, Terry said it boils down to three things, which she has an acronym for: ROI — relevant, original and integrated. She explained you should strive to make each marketing tactic relatable to all audiences, authentic to your brand and distributed through all channels.

Emily Harbourne

Emily Harbourne is the assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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