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Customer Service: A Service-First Attitude


We all want to believe that our brand sets itself apart in its own unique way. That is because we pride ourselves on the efforts we put forth in order to create a product that will assist people in living an overall healthier life.

However, there will always be something that we might not be able to provide from a facility standpoint to cater to every single person’s wants and needs. We will encounter suggestions and complaints that we must absorb and digest before reacting. When receiving feedback, always look at the situation as a positive, because you have a great opportunity to get personal by digging deeper, to service somebody who has invested in their health through you.

There is one line that I begin every conversation with. I tell the member, “I greatly appreciate your feedback, as we want to provide the best possible experience for you.”

In some cases we simply will not completely solve the problems we are faced with, because of our position or because our facility’s vision doesn’t coincide with certain demands. However, we can resolve the issue by over delivering and servicing. Efforts are far more valuable than machines, and they can be expressed with transparency. We should always address each member’s feedback, and attempt to provide a solution that benefits them personally based on our services.

We should always over deliver when accepting feedback. If a member states that they want a certain piece of equipment, it is not enough to just explain a movement they can do in place of it. Be the professional by getting up and going onto the floor to demonstrate proper form to coach and guide them. Go beyond by scheduling a consultation based on what they are looking for. If the member is looking for a hack squat machine, then go out of your way to demonstrate an alternative, and call one of your trainers over to further discuss goals and solutions. Make it so that your team has bought in to each member’s experience.

Also, take a “what’s next” mentality by following up with members who have given feedback after the initial situation has been serviced correctly. There should never be a “we can’t because” explanation, there should always be a “we can by” explanation. This can be done if feedback is absorbed and processed before simply reacting through pride.

There must be a service-first attitude in any situation in or out of the facility.


Ethan Smoorenburg

Ethan Smoorenburg is a franchise business consultant with Anytime Fitness Corporate. He can be reached at ethan.smoorenburg@sebrands.com.

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